Lost property and complaints

Have you lost property or want to make a complaint about a taxi, charter or regular passenger vehicle driver or company? Find out how to make a report.

  Complaints about other passengers

If you wish to make a complaint against another passenger, you can do so by completing the General feedback, compliments and complaints online form.

  Complaints handling

The Department of Transport deals with complaints against drivers, passengers or operators in the on-demand industry, if they relate to possible offences under pieces of relevant legislation, in addition to complaints against the Department of Transport itself and its staff.

For further information about complaints handling procedures, refer to the Contact On-demand transport section.

  Criminal complaints

Complaints regarding an offence of a criminal nature must be reported to WA Police. If required, the Department of Transport will assist WA Police with an investigation.

Opens in a new window Western Australian Police

  Driver accreditation and vehicle safety complaints

Feedback relating to driver accreditation and vehicle safety can be provided to the Department of Transport through the General feedback, compliments and complaints online form.

  Driver and service provider complaints

Are you dissatisfied with your service and want to make a complaint?

If you are dissatisfied with the service provided to you or your taxi company and wish to make a complaint, the taxi industry encourages you to do so. You should direct your feedback to the taxi company you booked your ride through.

Are you unhappy with the response you receive from the taxi company?

If you are unhappy with the response you receive, you can escalate your complaint to the Department of Transport. To do so, visit the General feedback, compliments and complaints online form.

  Fare disputes

For disputes including overcharging and surcharges, contact Consumer Protection by calling the Consumer Protection Advice Line or the service provider you used.

Opens in a new window Department of Commerce: Consumer Protection Division

  How to report lost property

To report lost property, please direct your feedback to the service provider you used to arrange your ride.

The Department of Transport is unable to attend to the needs of passengers with enquiries not covered by legislation it administers including lost property correspondence.


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