Public interest disclosure

  Public Interest Disclosure Act

The Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Act 2003:

  • Facilitates the disclosure of public interest information.
  • Provides protection for those making such disclosures and those who are the subject of disclosures.
  • Provides a system for the matters disclosed to be investigated and for appropriate action to be taken.

A Public Interest Disclosure is made when a person (the discloser) discloses to a proper authority information that tends to show past, present or proposed future improper conduct by a public body in the exercise of public functions.

In order to be a disclosure to which the PID Act applies, a disclosure must be:

  • Made by a discloser who believes on reasonable grounds that the information is or may be true.
  • A disclosure of public interest information.
  • Made to the appropriate proper authority.

Any person may make a Public Interest Disclosure. Before making a disclosure it is important that you are aware of the rights and responsibilities imposed on disclosers and others under the PID Act, for further information please refer to PID Guidelines on the Rights and Obligations under the PID Act 2003 below.

DOT_PID_Guidelines.pdf icon Public Interest Disclosure guidelines: Rights and obligations Kb

  How to lodge a Public Interest Disclosure

The forms below are provided for your use if you wish to lodge a Public Interest Disclosure (PID).

DOT_PID_ConsentForm.pdf icon Consent to disclosure of identifying information form Kb
DOT_PID_LodgementForm.pdf icon Public Interest Disclosure lodgement form Kb

For more information, or to make a disclosure, please contact one of the following DoT PID Officers

Name Business area Phone number
Kyra Nimmo Office of the Director General (08) 6551 6473
Simon Grantham Driver and Vehicle Services (08) 6551 6412
Janet Hughes Driver and Vehicle Services (08) 6551 6823
Leanne Cook Driver and Vehicle Services (08) 6551 6426

Further information about the legislation and how to make a disclosure is available at the Public Sector Commission website below.

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