Cycling maps and guides

Bikewest produces a range of free brochures, facts sheets, guides and maps, which are available from bicycle shops and public outlets. It also produces the 5 Perth Bike Maps, sold from approved retailers, but does not control the pricing or availability.

Commuter maps

Have you considered cycling into work rather than taking the car? Or perhaps you would like to cycle into Perth to visit the sites or to meet your friends for lunch. Here you can find all of the information you need to cycle into the CBD.

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Ordering hardcopy maps and guides

The Department of Transport's cycling maps and guides are available as hard copies and online versions.

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Recreational maps

This page contains several maps and guides for recreational cycling around the Perth metropolitan area, including Kings Park, Yellagonga Regional Park, Swan Valley, and the Perth Hills.

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Regional maps

Outside of Perth, there are many great regional locations for cycling enthusiasts, including Mandurah, Margaret River, Albany, Kalgoorlie and Kalbarri.

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