Benefits for local government

There are many ways local governments can be rewarded by the benefits of being TravelSmart, from hiring a TravelSmart Officer to producing a local TravelSmart Guide.

  What you can do

Many local governments are grappling with increasing traffic, local congestion, noise pollution and parking demands. Hospitals, universities and sporting arenas (also known as major destinations) are trying to keep their sites accessible while reducing the impacts of car use on the surrounding community. TravelSmart tools and initiatives can reduce car use by increasing people's travel choices.

TravelSmart offers a comprehensive suite of travel behaviour change programs. Local governments and major destinations are able to choose programs to suit their situation. They can: Hire a TravelSmart Officer

TravelSmart Officers help implement behaviour change programs as well as improving the infrastructure and facilities in their local area. They work with the community and government bodies to encourage more sustainable transport options. Produce a local TravelSmart guide

These handy fold-out maps make it easier for people to get around their local area without needing a car. They carry a wealth of information about cycling routes, local walking trails and public transport services. As well as indicating popular places like schools, supermarkets, delicatessens, post offices and boxes, shopping areas, playgrounds and other community facilities. Become a TravelSmart workplace

The TravelSmart Workplace Program helps workplaces manage the travel they generate. This program supports workplaces to produce and implement a Transport Plan. This Plan provides a framework for managing transport impacts and giving staff and visitors better choices. Provide end of trip facilities

Providing secure and adequate bicycle facilities lets people know that they and their bicycle are welcome. All buildings should have a few bicycle parking spaces conveniently located near the main entrance for customers and visitors. Employees require secure, sheltered bicycle parking spaces with nearby showering facilities as well as a locker to store their work clothes. Host a Cycling or Walking event.

Community events are a great way to promote cycling and walking. They can raise awareness about the available facilities and encourage new people to participate.

  How your community will benefit

Encouraging people to use active transport and leave their car at home for some of their trips has many community benefits including:

  • Increased community safety the more people walking and cycling around your neighbourhood the more eyes on the street.
  • Helping local businesses people using active transport are more likely to shop locally.
  • Improved community health physical activity reduces many health problems.
  • Access for all walking and cycling are low cost activities that are available to the whole community.
  • Less global warming every litre of petrol saved reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 2.9 kilograms.
  • Reduction in local government expenditure providing and maintaining increasing amounts of infrastructure for cars adds up. This money could be spent elsewhere.

  Case studies

View the case studies below to see how some local governments are becoming TravelSmart.

AT_TS_P_CityMelville_case_study.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_CityRockingham_case_study.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_CitySubiaco_case_study.pdf icon Kb


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