Recent projects

In 2008/09, the Living Smart Households program was offered to 15,000 households in the Cities of Joondalup and Mandurah. In 2010/11, the program was offered to 10,000 households as part of the Australian Government funded Perth Solar City program.

Mandurah and Joondalup pilot programs

Living Smart Households was first piloted in 2008 with 15,000 homes in the cities of Mandurah and Joondalup. The support of the community was very positive and the results have achieved:

  • A more than 10,000 tonne reduction in greenhouse gases (average of more than 1 tonne per household);
  • A collective reduction of 128 million litres of water;
  • A sharp increase in active and sustainable travel choices; and
  • Improved health outcomes.

The successful program was also recognised with the WA Water Award for Water Efficiency and being a finalist in the WA Environment Awards.

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Perth solar city project

As part of the Perth Solar City program (WA’s component of the Australian Government’s Solar Cities initiative), the Living Smart Households program was delivered to 10,000 households across Perth’s eastern region in 2010/11.

The approach has been modified from the pilot to include more personalised coaching techniques to track specific actions adopted by participating households. Residents living in the cities of Bayswater, Belmont, Swan; the shires of Mundaring and Kalamunda and the Town of Bassendean were involved in the 12 month project.

Evaluation is yet to be completed but early results indicate the second Living Smart project has out performed the demonstration project for water and energy savings. Participants achieved an average 8% reduction in energy and water use compared to local control households, through a mixture of 7,782 self reported energy efficiency actions and 4,061 water saving actions, including:

  • Switching off standby power: -64%
  • Taking shorter showers (four minute target): -56%
  • Installing energy efficient light globes: -52%
  • Installing a water efficient shower head: -21%
  • Setting water heater thermostats to 60 degrees or less: -16%

These percentages are taken from those who were not already doing so and those able to complete the action.

Visit the Perth Solar City website for more information on the national energy initiative which brings together industry, business, governments and communities to rethink the way we produce, use and save energy.

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Upcoming projects

The Living Smart Households team is currently evaluating past projects and working to improve the program for future projects. We are investigating various opportunities to work with local governments to implement improved projects across WA. Information regarding future projects will be posted on this website when it becomes available.


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