Maps brochures and guides

The Department of Transport's cycling maps and guides are only available online. Limited printed copies may be available at some bicycle retailers, public libraries, tourist information centres and other outlets. Bulk orders are no longer available.

  Maps brochures and guides

The following resources are only available online.


AT_CYC_P_Choosing_a_Bike_and_Accessories.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_Shopping_by_bike_brochure.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_Basic_Bicycle_Maintenance.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_Cycling_for_health_pleasure_or_to_work.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_bikeparking_brochure.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_EMRC_Cycling_Map_HillsRoad_Rides.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_KingsPark_map.pdf icon Kb

Perth bike map series

Visit the Perth bike map series page for details.

Pocket sized maps

AT_CYC_P_Mandurah_scenic_ride_map.pdf icon Kb
AT_P_PerthRockinghamMap.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_RideAroundRivers.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_MAP_Fremantle_Perth.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_SwanValleySea.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYCLE_P_Rockingham_Perth_Bike_Map.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_SunsetCoastSouthern.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_SunsetCoastNorthern.pdf icon Kb


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