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The TravelSmart workplace newsletter will provide information to organisations about the benefits of sustainable transport, highlight up and coming forums and events and promote interesting active travel case studies.


  May 2016: Unearthing Public Transport

Busport road ramp

Come along to the next TravelSmart Forum on Wednesday 18 May.

Hear about projects that are enhancing Perth's public transport system and the different ways to promote public transport to your employees, including SmartRider card options. You can also tour the newly built underground busport in the Perth City Link precinct to get a sneak peak before it even opens!

The forum will be held on Wednesday 18 May starting at 9.00am at 140 William St, Perth, with morning tea provided.

You can find out more or register online.


  May 2016: TravelSmart Awards

TravelSmart team

The TravelSmart Awards recognise the outstanding efforts of workplaces, schools and local government in promoting active and sustainable travel.

Make sure you get your nominations in for this year's Awards.

Nominations are invited in three categories - Achieve, Champion and Innovate. Nominations should be submitted by close of business Friday 20 May. You can find more information on the awards including nomination forms on our TravelSmart Awards page.

The nominations are a great opportunity to gain a positive profile for your organisation and the fantastic work you have done.

The Awards will be presented at a breakfast event on Friday 29 June at Fraser's Restaurant in Kings Park.

Please contact the TravelSmart team if you have any queries or need help with your nomination.

  May 2016: Boosting Workplace Wellbeing

Healthier Workplaces

Creating a healthier workplace can be one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to boost your productivity. Healthier Workplace WA offers some great advice and support to workplaces on how to develop a health and wellbeing program tailored to your needs.

There are a number of helpful tools on the Healthier Workplace website including:

  • Resources for designing and running health initiatives in your workplace.
  • A business benefits calculator for estimating potential return on investment in staff health.
  • The Recognised Healthy Workplace scheme that can recognise your organisation's program as well as show what others are doing.
  • Training opportunities for workplace coordinators.

Healthier Workplace WA is delivered by the Heart Foundation in collaboration with the Cancer Council WA.


  May 2016: GHD makes a TravelSmart move

GHD active transport morning tea

Transport was a key factor when professional services company GHD was considering options for its relocation. It decided to move its 450 Perth employees from 239 Adelaide Terrace to 999 Hay Street - which is on the Red CAT bus route and close to the freeway PSP, a major cycle route.

"Fostering a workplace culture that supports active transport is an important part of making our business sustainable," said Yvonne Binai, Senior Environmental Geoscientist at GHD and a member of its Green Office Action Team known affectionately as GOAT.

The GOAT advocated for good end of trip facilities when the new office was being designed, this resulted in secure parking for up to 120 bicycles. To get staff ready for the move, walking, cycling and public transport options for getting to the new workplace were promoted before and after the relocation in September 2015.

An access guide was prepared through TravelSmart and the GOAT organised several staff activities including an end of trip facilities tour, bicycle maintenance workshop and an active transport morning tea.

Staff travel surveys before and after the office shift show an increase in active commuting. In particular, cycling for commuter trips increased from 15 per cent to 23 per cent and around half of daily commutes are by public transport. Driving alone to work declined from 16 per cent to 13 per cent. Clearly engaging and supporting staff can have a positive effect on the trip to work as can location and availability of facilities.

Well done to GHD, we look forward to seeing use of active transport grow even further in the future.

  May 2016: Promoting travel options

TravelSmart materials

Would you like help to promote travel options in your workplace? Are you looking for events and activities to get your employees using active transport?

The TravelSmart calendar lists days and weeks this year that can be used to get your employees involved and excited about using active transport. Heart Week, Ride2Work Day and Walk Over October offer great platforms for encouraging staff by setting a challenge or holding a workplace walk or ride event.

If you are looking for different ways to get to and from work, then our new Your Commute Choices brochure is a great resource for information and examples of how to get moving. The brochure covers public transport, cycling, walking, carpooling and flexible working, it sets out the basics for each option and where to find out more information. Why not include a link to the brochure on your intranet.

Our new brochure and calendar are just some of the materials TravelSmart has that can be used for workplace activities such as staff challenges. If you have any questions or if you are looking for resources or information to help make your workplace TravelSmart, get in contact with the team by phoning David 6551 6144, Tim 6551 6908 or email

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