Local TravelSmart guides (maps)

Are you planning to walk, cycle or catch public transport? If you are, you might like to take a look at the variety of Local TravelSmart Guides available.

  About the guides

Each Local TravelSmart Guide has maps showing routes and local facilities such as supermarkets, delicatessens, public toilets, skate parks, playgrounds and post boxes. One side of the guide is for public transport - it shows bus routes, train stations, bus stops, wheelchair accessible services and train frequencies.

The other side of the guide is for walking and cycling - it shows Perth Bike Network routes, shared paths (for cyclists and walkers), bike lanes, walking trails, bike shops and bike parking.

Free copies of Local TravelSmart Guides are available from your local government authority or university, contact details are included in the Guides.


Bus and cycle routes may have changed since publications of the maps.

For more information, maps and guides on public transport, cycling and walking are available from the websites below:

Department of Transport

Transperth - public transport information including timetables, maps, tickets and fares, accessible services and stops near you, link below.

Opens in a new window Transperth: Public transport


AT_TS_P_Albany_mapCentralCBD.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_Albany_mapNthSth.pdf icon Kb

  Bassendean and Bayswater

AT_TS_P_guidebaysbasswalkcycle.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_guidebaysbasspubtrans.pdf icon Kb


AT_TS_P_guide_belmontwalkcycle.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_guide_belmontpubtrans.pdf icon Kb


AT_TS_P_guidecambridgewalkcycle.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_Cambridge_Public_Transport_map.pdf icon Kb

  City of Perth

AT_TS_P_guide_cityperthwalkcycle.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_guide_cityperthpubtrans.pdf icon Kb

  Cockburn (East)

AT_TS_P_cockburn_EAST_bike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_cockburn_EAST_bus.pdf icon Kb

  Cockburn (West)

AT_TS_P_cockburn_WEST_bike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_cockburn_WEST_bus.pdf icon Kb

  Fremantle, East Fremantle and University of Notre Dame

AT_TS_P_freobike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_freobus.pdf icon Kb

  Greater Geraldton

AT_TS_P_GeraldtonGreenough_mapNTH.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_GeraldtonGreenough_mapSTH.pdf icon Kb

  Joondalup (North)

AT_TS_P_guidejonorthwalkcycle.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_guidejonorthpubtrans.pdf icon Kb

  Joondalup (South)

AT_TS_P_guidejosouthwalkcycle.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_guidejosouthpubtrans.pdf icon Kb


AT_TS_P_kalumundabike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_kalumundabus.pdf icon Kb

  Melville (East) and Murdoch University

AT_TS_P_melvilleeastbike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_melvilleeastbus.pdf icon Kb

  Melville (West) and Murdoch University

AT_TS_P_melvillewestbike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_melvillewestbus.pdf icon Kb


AT_TS_P_mundaringbike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_mundaringbus.pdf icon Kb

  Rockingham (Central)

AT_TS_P_rockingham_bike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_rockingham_bus.pdf icon Kb

  Rockingham (South)

AT_TS_P_rockingham_south_bike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_rockingham_south_bus.pdf icon Kb

  South Perth

AT_TS_P_guidesouthperthwalkcycle.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_guidesouthperthpubtrans.pdf icon Kb

  Stirling (South East)

AT_TS_P_Stirling_East_bike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_Stirling_East_bus.pdf icon Kb

  Stirling (West)

AT_TS_P_Stirling_West_bike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_Stirling_West_bus.pdf icon Kb


AT_TS_P_subiaco_bike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_subiaco_bus.pdf icon Kb


AT_TS_P_Swan_Bicycle_Walking_map.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_Swan_Public_Transport_map.pdf icon Kb

  UWA/City of Nedlands

AT_TS_P_guideuwanedlandswalkcycle.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_guideuwanedlandspubtrans.pdf icon Kb

  Victoria Park

AT_TS_P_guidevicparkwalkcycle.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_guidevicparkpubtrans.pdf icon Kb


AT_TS_P_Vincent_bike.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_Vincent_bus.pdf icon Kb

  Wanneroo (Central)

AT_TS_P_Wanneroo__Central__cycling_walking_guide.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_Wanneroo__Central__public_transport_guide.pdf icon Kb

  Wanneroo (North)

AT_TS_P_Wanneroo__North__cycling_walking_guide.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_Wanneroo__North__public_transport_guide.pdf icon Kb

  Wanneroo (South)

AT_TS_P_Wanneroo__South__cycling_walking_guide.pdf icon Kb
AT_TS_P_Wanneroo__South__public_transport_guide.pdf icon Kb


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