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The TravelSmart to School program works with primary schools to promote safe and active ways to travel to school.

  What is TravelSmart to School?

  • Helping students be healthy and active by increasing walking and riding to school.
  • Tackling traffic issues and boosting school spirit.
  • Creating student-centred teams supported by a teacher or parent to foster leadership skills and achieve change.
  • Practical ways to teach and develop sustainability at your school.

We have a TravelSmart to School Online Community to assist parents, teachers, local governments and students find solutions to the problems of parking congestion, road safety and physical activity by providing ideas and easy to follow examples.

  What is on offer?

Activity Result
Reward Reward packs to help with motivation
Reward Regular competitions with student prize packs
Resource Signage, badge machines and more for loan
Resource Easy to follow How-to guides
Resource Planning support for co-ordinator
Recognition eNewsletters with school campaign news and offers
Recognition Professional development and networking opportunities

  How the program works

Becoming a TravelSmart school couldn't be easier.

  • Join the TravelSmart to School Online Community website below.
  • Gather like-minded people from the school community (parents, teachers, students) and form a TSTS team.
  • Take action, share about it online and earn points to spend on rewards and TravelSmart tools.

A key feature of the TravelSmart to School program is the TravelSmart Team. This team is a group of enthusiastic students, teachers and parents who work together on reducing traffic around their school.

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  Why should your school be TravelSmart?

More than 14,000 students from over 190 schools in metropolitan Perth and regional centres have already participated in the TravelSmart to School program.

On an average school day more than one in five cars on the road during the morning peak hour in Perth are involved in the school journey. This adds up to about 80 million kilometres of car travel per year for the morning trip alone. That is a lot of time spent sitting when you could be doing so much more.

Encouraging children to walk, cycle or use public transport to get to school is an easy and fun way to get physical activity into their day and to reduce traffic in your local community.

  How to become a TravelSmart School

Becoming a TravelSmart School couldn't be easier

Join the TravelSmart to School Online Community website below or contact the TravelSmart Schools program development officer to register your interest and to discuss ideas for making your school TravelSmart.

Alternatively you can download the form below to discuss with your Principal, P and C or other interested people.

While each school is unique, all school communities have similar concerns relating to congestion, access and road safety.

The TravelSmart Schools program provides real solutions that have been planned and successfully implemented in other WA schools, by WA school communities.

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  The benefits of reducing car trips to school

There are many benefits to swapping the car trip with walking or cycling to school. These include but are not limited to:

  • Less traffic congestion and improved road safety around your school.
  • Less demand for parking spaces.
  • Students learn how to travel safely and independently.
  • Students who walk or cycle to school are more alert and ready to learn.
  • Improved fitness and health for students and parents.
  • Cleaner and better air quality.
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improved learning outcomes for students.

  Background - TravelSmart schools

The program was developed in response to the increasing concerns from school communities and local governments about 3 key issues:

  1. Congestion.
  2. Falling numbers of children walking.
  3. Cycling to school, and road safety.

In 2010 a new pilot was commenced, working with a smaller number of schools over a longer period. Ten schools from six local government areas participated in the program.

Together the schools saved 30,00 kilograms of greenhouse gases and achieved a fantastic 9.9% reduction in car trips.

  School case studies

These snapshots were taken Term 2, 2012.

AT_TS_P_Coolbinia_case_study.pdf icon TravelSmart to school: Case study - Coolbinia Primary Kb
AT_TS_P_CottesloePS_case_study.pdf icon TravelSmart to school: Case study - Cottesloe Primary Kb
AT_TS_P_Redcliffe_case_study.pdf icon TravelSmart to school: Case study - Redcliffe Primary Kb
AT_TS_P_StAugustines_case_study.pdf icon TravelSmart to school: Case study - St Augustines Kb
AT_TS_P_Wembley_case_study.pdf icon TravelSmart to school: Case study - Wembley Primary Kb

  TravelSmart to School results for 2013

TravelSmart to School results for 2013

All the schools creativity, inspiration and motivation in 2013 paid off. We had some fantastic achievements last year, including:

  • 9% less car trips and 12% more walking, cycling and public transport use.
  • 30 participating schools (with 13,666 students), up from 8 schools and 2,337 students in 2012.
  • 209 school activity blogs posted, up from 54 in 2012.

Some highlights from the schools include:

  • Biggest increase in active transport - 44% at Madeley PS (followed by 36% at Success PS).
  • Biggest reduction in car trips - 29% at Falcon PS (followed by 21% at Redcliffe PS).
  • Most number of activity blogs posted - 27 blogs at Coolbinia PS (followed by 20 at Falcon PS and Redcliffe PS).
  • Most number of TravelSmart points earned - 1,398 points at Redcliffe PS (followed by 1,158 at Coolbinia PS). The average number of points earned was 334 - remember that every point is worth $1.

New levels achieved:

  • Bronze - Falcon PS, Phoenix PS, Success PS.
  • Silver - Madeley PS.
  • Gold - Coolbinia PS.
  • Double Platinum - Redcliffe PS.

Find out more by visiting the TravelSmart to School online community, link below.

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