Your Move/TravelSmart

The TravelSmart and Your Move programs help households, workplaces and local government make better travel choices, helping reduce congestion and the impact on the environment.

About TravelSmart


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TravelSmart helps people to use cars less and to choose alternatives such as walking, cycling, and public transport.

Household programs


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The Department of Transport has been running household programs since the commencement of the first TravelSmart Households pilot project in 1997.

TravelSmart awards


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The TravelSmart Awards recognise the outstanding achievements and contributions of workplaces and local governments engaged in travel behaviour change programs.

TravelSmart for local government


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TravelSmart offers support through education and resources to local governments.

TravelSmart schools


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The TravelSmart to School program works with primary schools to promote safe and active ways to travel to school.

TravelSmart workplaces


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TravelSmart Workplace is a program supporting workplaces to enable and encourage their employees and clients to use travel alternatives.

Your Move


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Your Move is an active lifestyle program that helps people find simple ways to get active and connected. Your Move offers information and support to make it easier to get active.

TravelSmart news


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Access latest news items on TravelSmart.

TravelSmart publications, maps and resources


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In this section you will find TravelSmart and Living Smart Household publications and resources, including links to useful websites.

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