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Western Australia is by far the largest state in Australia. Its capital city is in the south west of the State and the major regional centres are separated from it and each other by vast distances.

Air services overview


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All aircraft owners operating commercial passenger services within Western Australia are required to hold a WA Aircraft Licence.

International air services


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Australia has many international air service agreements (international bilateral air service agreements) with other countries regarding movements on international routes.

Interstate air services


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Interstate air services are not regulated by the Western Australian Department of Transport. They remain subject to competition rules that apply to other industry sectors.

Intrastate air services


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The current intrastate aviation framework regulates air services to 15 regional airports and monitors air services to 11 deregulated airports.

Metropolitan airports


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There are two major airports in the Perth Metropolitan Area: Perth International Airport (5km east of Perth) and Jandakot Airport (17km south of Perth).

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