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Regional Airports Development Scheme - 2017/19 funding round announcement

13 regional airports were successful in sharing almost $1.25 million of funding for 16 projects in the first round of 2017-19 RADS offers.

State Aviation Strategy open for public comment

State Aviation Strategy

Supporting the economic and social development of WA through the provision of safe, affordable, efficient and effective aviation services and infrastructure.

Image of regional airstrip by Network Aviation

Review of Regulated Air Routes in WA

Following extensive consultation, the Department of Transport has completed the review of regulated regular public transport (RPT) air routes in WA (the Review) which commenced in July 2013.

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Air services

DoT develops and maintains safe, efficient, effective and reliable air services for Western Australians.

Aviation: Infrastructure, access, training and safety information.

The Department is the key Western Australian Government coordinating and advisory body on aviation related matters.

We coordinate, develop and influence government and the aviation industry in providing the best aviation services and infrastructure for Western Australia.

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Air services


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All aircraft owners operating commercial passenger services within Western Australia are required to hold a WA Aircraft Licence.

Metropolitan airports


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There are two major airports in the Perth Metropolitan Area: Perth International Airport (5km east of Perth) and Jandakot Airport (17km south of Perth).

Aircraft noise

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To complain about aircraft noise please contact the Airservice Australia Noise Enquiry Service.

Regional Airports Development Scheme

Read more about: Regional Airports Development Scheme

The objective of RADS is to improve regional air services and air safety.

Aviation forms and publications

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Here you will find all forms and publications available relating to aviation infrastructure, access, training and safety.

Aviation links

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Links to various aviation-based matters and airports within Western Australia and Australia.

Contact Aviation

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Contact Aviation for general, licensing and RADS related matters by telephone and email.

Aviation site map

Use this page to help locate key areas of the Aviation site.

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