Funding allocation

Of the $3.88 million budgeted for the 2015-17 RADS finding round, a first round of offers has been awarded to 25 regional airports who will share in over $2.5 million in State Government funding.

The remaining $1.36 million of 2015-17 RADS funding has been set aside for projects that require further consideration or are pending funding approval from other sources. An announcement to the awarding of remaining 2015-17 RADS funds will be made in the second half of 2015.

  Funding round (2015/2017): grant allocation results

The 2015-17 funding round closed on Thursday 18 September 2014.

  • A total of 51 applications were received requesting over $9.7 million in grants.
  • Applications were reviewed by the RADS Consultative Committee.
  • 25 regional airports were successful in sharing over $2.5 million of funding for 30 projects in the first round of 2015-17 RADS offers.

Projects that were granted funding will enable improved access and safer emergency evacuations for regional towns, assist with infrastructure upgrades and improve airport planning.

The Shire of Dundas was awarded the largest grant ($0.30 million) for the first 2015-17 round to raise the level of the Norseman Aerodrome.

A grant of $0.26 million will replace airside lighting at Derby Aerodrome.  Refer to the full list of successful projects in the 2015-17 funding round below.

Media statement:

25/03/2015: Regional airports share in $2.5 million

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If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Aviation Policy and Programs Branch at the Department of Transport via:

Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
(08) 6551 6192 (08) 6551 6949 Email

  RADS 2015-17 Funding round: grant allocation (map)

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  Managing your grant

Gibb River Station Airstrip

If you are successful in obtaining a 2015-17 RADS grant, the Welcome to RADS brochure will assist you with the necessary actions and requirements for your grant to be acquitted. It contains information about how you should report on your grant, as well as templates which you may wish to use.


The new 2015-17 Welcome to RADS brochure will be sent to successful grantees together with their funding agreements.

The conditions as outlined in your funding agreement prevail.

Image: Installation of solar lights at Gibb River Station Airstrip.

  RADS funding

Between the 2008-09 and 2013-15 RADS funding rounds, the grant program was supported by a combination of Department of Transport and Royalties for Regions funding.

From 2008-09 to 2013-15, 188 projects have received or been granted RADS funding totalling more than $33 million, in support of projects valued at approximately $70 million.

The 2015-17 RADS funding round is funded by the Department of Transport.  Refer to the document below for a full list of RADS projects that have been completed and fully acquitted from 2008-09 to 2014-15.

AV_P_RADS_Projects_by_Region_2014.pdf icon Kb

  Gascoyne RADS projects

Year Airport Project Total project cost RADS contribution
2009-10 Carnarvon Airport Reconstruct and cement stabilise runway 4/22. $818,162.00 $175,889.00
2009-10 Shark Bay Airstrip Reseal the runway. $288,119.00 $144,059.48
2010-11 Gascoyne Junction Install permanent lighting that meets RFDS and CASA standards, including connection to towns main power system. $178,516.00 $58,516.00
2011-12 Carnarvon Airport Profile and overlay of the existing apron. $404,485.60 $202,242.80
2011-12 Learmonth Airport Construction of dedicated helicopter and general aviation apron area. $2,829,227.00 $1,025,400.00
2011-12 Burringurrah Airport Install runway lighting. $56,177.00 $46,177.00
2012-13 Shark Bay Airstrip Resurface the runway and apron. $161,851.00 $161,851.00

  Goldfields/Esperance RADS projects

Year Airport Project Total project cost RADS contribution
2008-09 Esperance Airport Asphalt overlay the runway. $1,747,750.29 $873,874.14
2009-10 Forrest Single coat spray seal the runways. $645,650.02 $273,756.60
2009-10 Wanarn Upgrade current lighting with rechargeable sensor lights. $29,400.00 $14,699.95
2009-10 Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport Install animal exclusion and aviation security fencing. $140,414.84 $70,207.42
2010-11 Kambalda Develop an airport master plan. $40,000.00 $20,000.00
2010-11 Esperance Airport Create an airport master plan and conceptual terminal layout design plan. $91,464.00 $45,000.00
2010-11 Laverton Aerodrome Purchase and install a 30,000 litre Jet A1 fuelling facility. $318,717.00 $158,746.00
2010-11 Esperance Airport Erect 5.1km of 17 line fence (1.8m high) around the airport perimeter. $73,340.20 $36,670.10
2010-11 Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport Purchase and install a closed circuit TV system and review the master plan. $261,286.00 $104,750.00
2011-12 Esperance Airport Development of passenger security screening facilities at the terminal. $2,542,621.00 $1,126,000.00
2011-12 Esperance Airport Construct an extension to the apron and move the refuelling bowser. $260,219.00 $130,109.00
2011-12 Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport Installation of bollards to increase security into the terminal. $27,788.00 $12,631.00
2012-13 Ilkurkla Roll and grade the airstrip and purchase and install a solar illuminated windsock. $104,878.00 $58,770.00
2012-13 Tjuntjuntjara Aerodrome Install permanent airstrip lighting, replace some damaged airstrip cones and conduct surface grading. $87,743.00 $70,480.00
2012-13 Leonora Airport Bitumen seal and line mark the apron. $71,200.75 $35,400.00
2012-13 Laverton Aerodrome Upgrade the electricity supply to three phase power from the grid and purchase and install apron lighting. $81,664.00 $29,922.00
2012-13 Laverton Aerodrome To develop a master plan for Laverton Aerodrome. $45,040.00 $22,470.00
2013-15 Norseman Aerodrome Upgrade the airstrip signal area to become more distinctive for arriving aircraft. $9,632.00 $3,602.00

  Great Southern RADS projects

Year Airport Project Total project cost RADS contribution
2009-10 Denmark Seal landing and take off zones, construct new taxiway to service the leased hangars and construct an emergency plane standing area. $169,690.90 $75,636.00
2011-12 Kojonup Aerodrome Construct a taxiway, aircraft parking area and realign the access road. $55,336.16 $26,240.81
2012-13 Gnowangerup Airstrip Widen the airstrip, apply final coat seal and construct a dam. $27,309.00 $13,655.00

  Kimberley RADS projects

Year Airport Project Total project cost RADS contribution
2009-10 Billiluna Airport Replace solar panel lighting on both sides of the runway. $22,600.00 $22,600.00
2009-10 Halls Creek Aerodrome General Maintenance. $1,348,000.00 $70,000.00
2009-10 Kununurra Airport Install bore casings in order to monitor ground water and strengthen RPT taxiways with asphalt finish. $1,050,222.00 $349,500.00
2009-10 Mt Barnett Install automatic lighting. $28,346.00 $13,290.82
2009-10 Ngallagunda (Gibb River) Install subsoil drainage on runway, re-sheet the entire strip, install cut off drains along perimeter fence and relocate the aircraft landing area. $188,654.80 $94,327.40
2009-10 Mulan Airstrip Replace the runway strip cones to meet RFDS requirements. $10,930.15 $6,448.78
2009-10 Djugerari Airstrip Install box culverts on runway. $80,902.00 $40,451.00
2009-10 Derby Bitumen reseal the apron and taxiway. $346,826.16 $173,413.08
2010-11 Bellburn Purchase and install solar lighting for the airstrip and the taxi area, a windsock and non-slip mounting tiles. $36,764.10 $32,004.00
2010-11 Billiluna Airport Purchase and install lights and a windsock, parking area lighting and runway edge cones. $38,355.00 $38,355.00
2010-11 Djarindjin- Lombadina Repair the main runway, build a new taxiway to the main runway, build a taxiway and fixed wing apron parking area and build a new terminal/patient transfer facility and maintenance shed. $747,521.00 $560,640.96
2010-11 Kalumburu Airport Replace Fencing surrounding the airstrip. $78,745.00 $24,006.15
2010-11 Marion Downs Construct a new apron and re-sheet the runway. $30,000.00 $10,000.00
2010-11 Kundat-Djaru Widening the Airstrip run-off area to 90m, extend runway, purchase and install airfield lighting and illuminated windsock. $33,570.00 $33,570.00
2010-11 Kununurra Airport Expand the current airport terminal footprint ($2,200,000 over 2 years). $8,070,044.00 $2,200,000.00
2010-11 La Grange (Bidyadanga) Supply and install animal proof fencing around the airport. $47,968.00 $38,796.52
2011-12 Windjana Gorge National Park Purchase and install airstrip lighting. $3,876.00 $1,862.00
2011-12 Wangkajunka Airstrip Study for relocation of the airstrip. $19,105.00 $19,105.00
2011-12 Tjirrkarli Airstrip Purchase e-flare lighting. $5,811.00 $5,811.00
2011-12 Silent Grove Camp Ground Provide and install airstrip lighting. $3,876.00 $3,725.00
2011-12 Halls Creek Aerodrome Reseal the runway. $126,292.00 $63,146.00
2011-12 Curtin Aerodrome - Civil facilities Strengthen the facilities. $1,382,485.00 $1,348,752.00
2011-12 Curtin Aerodrome - Civil facilities Purchase and install an explosives and narcotics trace detector. $49,000.00 $24,500.00
2011-12 Noonkanbah Airstrip Purchase and install solar runway lighting and an illuminated wind indicator. $45,465.91 $41,828.64
2012-13 Charnely River Station Aerodrome Upgrade the airstrip and form and drain surface pavement. $79,740.00 $39,870.00
2012-13 Fitzroy Crossing Reconstruct the runway at Fitzroy Crossing Airport. $3,659,839.95 $1,643,268.14
2012-13 Warmun Aerodrome Re-sheet the runway, construct turning nodes and run-up pads, clear drainage and install markers and a windsock. $245,001.00 $73,496.00
2012-13 Kundat-Djaru Purchase new lighting, a replacement battery and a new windsock. $10,263.00 $10,263.00
2012-13 Mt Hart Replace airstrip markers and purchase lights. $19,774.00 $7,500.00
2013-15 Ngallagunda (Gibb River) Provide and install airstrip solar lighting and illuminated windsock. $78,474.00 $78,474.00

  Midwest RADS projects

Year Airport Project Total project cost RADS contribution
2008-09 Geraldton Airport Security upgrade. $2,502,358.00 $1,374,301.00
2009-10 Wiluna Install new security fencing. $35,889.00 $14,400.00
2009-10 Murchison Airfield Seal runway, taxiway and purchase lights. $327,706.60 $155,000.00
2009-10 Kalbarri Airfield Enrichment seal the runway and apron areas. $209,507.20 $104,753.60
2009-10 Cue Airfield Install animal exclusion fencing. $77,124.12 $38,562.00
2009-10 Dongara Airfield Upgrade the airstrip lighting. $62,585.23 $31,292.62
2010-11 Cue Airfield Create an airport master plan. $32,000.00 $16,000.00
2010-11 Yalgoo Airport Purchase and install runway lighting, a solar windsock light kit, fuel shed and construct an ambulance unload and transfer pad. $104,180.00 $50,721.00
2010-11 Wiluna Resheet the main runway, apron, taxiway and part of runway 15/33. $246,501.00 $123,250.00
2010-11 Sandstone Airfield Install solar powered runway lighting and LED floodlighting on the runway, terminal and ablution block. $99,475.92 $48,375.14
2010-11 Paynes Find Airport Purchase and install runway lighting, a solar windsock light kit, fuel shed and construct an ambulance unload and transfer pad. $96,448.00 $48,221.00
2010-11 Mount Magnet Airport Purchase and install automatic weather information broadcast (AWIB) and an illuminated wind indicator. $24,144.97 $7,604.00
2010-11 Meekatharra Airport Reseal the runway and replace runway markings. $264,024.00 $132,012.00
2010-11 Geraldton Airport Upgrade and review the airport master plan to incorporate future sustainability needs, research effects of encroaching urban development and future expansion of Geraldton Airport. $103,002.00 $40,000.00
2011-12 East Wallabi Aerodrome Re-sheeting the runway. $403,272.72 $150,000.00
2011-12 Three Springs Airport Extension of the apron and apron seal. $28,394.79 $21,858.30
2011-12 Rat Island Airstrip Re-sheet the runway. $365,000.00 $150,000.00
2011-12 Morawa Aerodrome Purchase and install runway and windsock lighting. $82,184.00 $27,500.00
2011-12 Geraldton Airport Provide full construction design specifications and plans for construction of a new parallel Runway. $357,000.00 $178,500.00
2012-13 Cue Airfield Bitumise the proposed apron area for access from the current apron to the hangar. $190,007.80 $84,401.46
2012-13 Geraldton Airport Construct a general aviation apron. $700,000.00 $350,000.00
2012-13 Mount Magnet Airport Reseal the turning nodes, taxiway and apron, carry out bitumen emulsion enrichment of runway 16/34 and repaint all turning nodes, taxiway and apron markings. $219,806.03 $109,903.02
2013-15 Mount Magnet Airport Replace existing fibrous cement cones and gables with new poly propylene units. $14,759.00 $7,380.00
2013-15 Mount Magnet Airport Rectify existing deformities with the runway. $20,300.00 $10,150.00

  Pilbara RADS projects

Year Airport Project Total project cost RADS contribution
2009-10 Kiwirrkurra Airfield Purchase and install a fence and solar lighting. $146,644.35 $48,365.50
2009-10 Port Hedland Airport Purchase and install lighting and replace current centre line taxiway lights. $146,022.05 $73,011.02
2009-10 Roebourne Install replacement fencing. $46,972.73 $23,486.37
2009-10 Newman Strengthen the existing runway to enable large capacity aircraft to land at the airport and rectify the shoulder issue identified in a CASA report on the taxiway. $2,406,828.01 $1,131,209.15
2010-11 Port Hedland Airport Extend the taxiway, construct taxiway, asphalt, replace lights and specified terminal works. $4,694,544.08 $1,557,150.00
2010-11 Newman Replace visual approach lighting system with a new PAPI system on both runways. $134,001.32 $67,000.66
2011-12 Port Hedland Airport Develop a airport master plan. $84,495.00 $42,247.50
2011-12 Parnngurr Community Airstrip Purchase and installation of runway lighting. $40,000.00 $40,000.00
2012-13 Newman Extend the general aviation apron and construct a helibase. $1,148,267.25 $574,133.62

  South West RADS projects

Year Airport Project Total project cost RADS contribution
2009-10 Busselton Regional Airport Commission an infrastructure assessment study. $45,920.00 $45,920.00
2009-10 Busselton Regional Airport Extend the runway and safety area. $45,271.80 $22,635.90
2009-10 Bunbury Airport Construct a new 700m taxiway extension to existing western taxiway. $365,747.26 $171,500.00
2010-11 Augusta Purchase and replace all pilot activated lighting and the emergency lighting generator. $29,345.23 $14,672.62
2010-11 Busselton Regional Airport - Passenger Demand Study KPMG (Database Ref 209) Undertake Passenger Demand Study. $136,229.10 $136,229.10
2010-11 Manjimup Reposition the runway lights, purchase and install additional runway lights, reseal the runway, resurface the apron and taxiway and purchase and replace the runway line markings. $312,399.84 $147,787.00
2010-11 Busselton Regional Airport (Database Ref 138) Undertake economic, environmental and infrastructure studies to assess the feasibility for a future upgrade. $257,294.32 $257,294.32
2010-11 Bunbury Airport Create a five year master plan. $30,000.00 $15,000.00
2011-12 Collie Airport Seal the runway. $238,177.89 $119,088.94
2011-12 Busselton Regional Airport (Database Ref 131) Temporary extension to passenger terminal to allow passenger screening. $295,382.00 $147,691.00
2011-12 Busselton Regional Airport Reseal portion of runway, apron and seal helipad. $38,626.00 $19,313.00
2011-12 Busselton Regional Airport Upgrade drainage and install security fencing. $66,451.00 $33,225.50
2011-12 Bunbury Airport Preparation of a 'Detailed Development Plan' to facilitate the creation of additional hangar sites. $49,924.00 $24,962.00
2012-13 Busselton Regional Airport Engage specialist aviation/industry consultants to complete various specified studies. $190,000.00 $95,000.00
2012-13 Busselton Regional Airport Prepare an operational management plan for the proposed stages of development. $46,000.00 $20,000.00
2012-13 Busselton Regional Airport Purchse noise monitoring equipment. $24,531.00 $12,265.50
2012-13 Bunbury Airport Replace and upgrade existing runway lighting and install new taxiway lighting. $281,425.00 $140,300.00
2013-15 Busselton Regional Airport Upgrade airport security fencing from 1.2 metres to 1.8 metres high. $14,508.00 $7,254.00

  Wheatbelt RADS projects

Year Airport Project Total project cost RADS contribution
2009-10 Cunderdin Airfield Grade the runway, survey approaches, coat-spray the runway and install markers and markings to register the aerodrome. $339,545.00 $169,772.36
2009-10 Wyalkatchem Design and build facilities including a terminal, runways, taxiways and aprons. $2,006,167.25 $1,800,000.00
2010-11 Wagin Aerodrome Create an airport master plan. $47,355.23 $30,747.75
2010-11 Kondinin Airstrip Purchase and install animal proof fencing and lockable security gates for entry and exist of airport runway. $12,122.10 $5,527.68
2010-11 Dalwallinu (Nugadong) Resurface the runway, construct a taxi apron, kangaroo proof fence and patient transfer facility. $291,540.32 $107,415.31
2010-11 Cunderdin Airfield Create a commercial aviation precinct development plan. $46,540.00 $20,700.00
2010-11 Varley Airport Reconstruct the runway gravel surface, drainage system, purchase new markers and replace damaged markers. $48,248.88 $24,214.44
2010-11 Wyalkatchem Complete the cross strip, construct a taxiway and apron facility linking the main runway to the terminal building, construct 130m of new drainage and complete entry roads and car park facilities. $771,623.19 $484,546.00
2010-11 Hyden Aerodrome (Wave Rock) Purchase and install runway lighting and an illuminated wind direction indicator. $97,479.46 $33,922.85
2010-11 Corrigin Increase the apron size, replace the wind direction indicator, upgrade the apron lighting and construct a new patient transfer facility and helicopter landing site. $241,603.00 $81,570.00
2011-12 Wagin Aerodrome Seal the east-west runway. $546,973.62 $386,163.38
2011-12 Narembeen Airport Gravel resurfacing of the landing strip and taxi area surfaces. $119,967.27 $59,983.64
2011-12 Kondinin Airstrip Extension and sealing of blast areas at the north and south ends of the airstrip. $25,576.00 $12,375.00
2012-13 Northam Aerodrome Construct long-term aircraft parking area, an apron and a helipad, widen the taxiway, reseal 500 sq metres of the runway, seal short term parking area, provide concrete and paint around the windsocks, and fence the parking area. $163,882.56 $75,500.00
2012-13 Narrogin Airport Develop a revised airport master plan. $32,000.00 $16,000.00
2012-13 Koorda Airstrip Seal the apron and install a patient transfer facility and a toilet. $30,991.00 $15,000.00
2012-13 Kellerberrin Airport (Alan Mather Airport) Resurface the runway. $90,441.69 $45,139.44
2013-15 Southern Cross Aerodrome Improve the current apron. $212,315.00 $103,711.00
2013-15 Northam Aerodrome Resurface the apron. $112,848.00 $56,424.00

  Other funding sources

The Commonwealth Governments Remote Aviation Access Program (RAAP) is administered by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (link below) and provides funding to support remote aviation services that are not commercially viable but are essential for the social and economic wellbeing of the communities they serve.

The five funding components on RAAP are:

  1. The Remote Air Services Subsidy Scheme.
  2. The Remote Aerodrome Safety Programme.
  3. The Remote Aviation Infrastructure Fund.
  4. The Remote Aerodrome Inspection Programme.
  5. The Remote Aerodrome Upgrade Programme.

The National Stronger Regions Fund (NSRF) is a new programme administered by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. The objective of the NSRF is to fund investment ready projects which support economic growth and sustainability of regions across Australia, particularly disadvantaged regions, by supporting investment in priority infrastructure.

Opens in a new window Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development: National Stronger Regions Fund
Opens in a new window Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development: Regional and remote aviation

  Funding allocation: Documents


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