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A DoTDirect online account is a free personalised account where you are able to manage all information relating to your personal vehicle licence and driver's licence, as well as pay all bills associated with these licences.

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1. I share the same Email address with other members of my family. I have tried to register for DoTDirect but it will not let me use the same Email address twice, why is that so?

DoTDirect allows customers to access and view their own personal vehicle and drivers licence information as well as pay associated bills.

For security of information reasons the application will only allow one person to register and log on to DoTDirect per Email address.

This is because private and secure codes are generated and sent to the Email address and due to the sensitive information contained, minimises potential for unauthorised details to be accessed.

2. How can I register for a DoTDirect online account?

Visit the DoTDirect website and click on the Register button, then follow the steps. You will be required to enter the registration code that is on the letter you received by mail.

Once you enter your unique registration code, personal details and username you will receive a temporary password via email. The first time you login, you will be required to create your own personalised password.

3. What information do I need to register?

For security reasons you will be required to provide your driver's licence or learner's permit number; your date of birth and your first name and surname as they appear on your permit or licence. If you have only one name, please contact your nearest Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or DoT regional agent or phone 1300 550 890.

4. Can I access my DoTDirect online account from a mobile device?

Yes. Your DoTDirect online account can be accessed from phone and tablet devices with an internet connection.

5. Can I access my DoTDirect online account outside business hours?

Yes. Your DoTDirect online account is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, excluding periods of scheduled maintenance or unexpected periods of service disruptions.

6. Are my payment and credit card details secure?

Yes. DoT has robust security for all online payments.

7. What do I need to do if I notice information displayed on my DoTDirect online account is incorrect?

If the details relate to your address, email or mobile contact number you can update this yourself under the "Profile" section of your account. Please contact Driver and Vehicle Services on 13 11 56 and notify them of any other issue with your details.

8. What happens if I have forgotten my username or password?

  1. Go to the DoTDirect website and click on the "Login" button. This will take you to the login page for DoTDirect online account.
  2. Click on the 'Forgot password?' or 'Forgot username?' link to retrieve your password or username.

9. Can I register if I do not have a driver's licence or learner's permit?

You won't be able to register for the DoTDirect online account if you do not have a driver's licence or learner's permit.

10. I have a business; can I register for DoTDirect online?

No, at this stage DoTDirect online is only set up for individuals. We are in the process of developing an online access site for organisations and we look forward to providing organisations with the ability to conduct their transactions online.

11. Do I have to register for a DoTDirect online account?

No, it is not compulsory that you register for a DoTDirect online account. The DoTDirect online account is intended to provide another accessible and secure channel for you to conduct transactions with the Department of Transport.

12. Will I continue to have my driver and vehicle licence renewals mailed to me?

Yes, all correspondence with the Department of Transport will remain the same.

  Further information

If you have a question which is not answered here, please call Driver and Vehicle Services on 13 11 56 and a consultant will assist you.

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