Accessing railway reserves


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Accredited rail infrastructure managers have responsibility for controlling or monitoring how railway reserves are accessed for legitimate reasons like utilities conducting inspections and maintenance of services that run alongside, above or under a railway.

The Office of Rail Safety does not have powers to control illegal access like trail bike riding on railway access roads, vandalism, graffiti or trespassing, which are the responsibility of the rail infrastructure manager.

Railways are dangerous. Trains require considerable distances to stop and they cannot take evasive action. We discourage unauthorised people from going on the track and discourage rail infrastructure managers from allowing unqualified people from being on the track.

The recommended steps for obtaining legitimate access to railway reserves are:

  • Identify the areas where access is required by using references like railway kilometre posts, station platforms, signal numbers, level crossings, bridges or numbers on electrification masts.
  • Contact the rail organisation responsible for the railway reserve by reference to the list of Accredited Railway Organisations (see below).
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Reporting or lodging a complaint

Reporting or lodging a complaint about illegal access should follow the same steps.

In particular, contact the Public Transport Authority (Telephone (08) 9326 2000) for issues relating to the Perth Urban Rail Network and Brookfield Rail (Telephone (08) 9212 2843) for issues on the former WA Government Railways network (WAGR or Westrail).

Note that where there are interfaces to be managed between a service provider and a rail operator, e.g. how the service provider may inspect or maintain overhead power lines without endangering rail traffic or their personnel, an Interface Coordination Plan is necessary. Interface Coordination Plans are addressed in the Rail Safety Act 2010, and more information is available under Interface Coordination

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