Efficient freight movement is essential to Western Australia's economy. More than 60 million tonnes of freight move in and through the metropolitan area each year, so well-designed transport networks with good access to major terminals and depots are essential for the freight industry.

At the same time, community severance, damage to wetlands, noise, pollution, safety and the devaluing of property are major concerns for the community, and often a point of conflict between the public and industry.

Driver fatigue management

Driver fatigue is a foreseeable risk for all drivers. For drivers of commercial vehicles it is an occupational hazard which, under Occupational Safety and Health laws, must be managed by a safe system of work.

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Freight fees and charges

Here you will find fees and charges associated with heavy vehicle use in Western Australia.

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Freight and Logistics Council WA

Freight and Logistics Council of Western Australia

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National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

The NHVR head office is based in Brisbane and opened for business in January 2013.

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Owner-drivers Act

Information about the Act and Code of Conduct is available in a short pamphlet and a more detailed booklet. Both are available to download.

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Owner-drivers guide

Becoming an owner-driver is a serious undertaking. It requires planning and careful thought. There are many issues to take into account before you make a commitment to buy a truck and become an owner-driver.

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Contact Freight

How to make Freight related enquiries.

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Freight links

Useful links for heavy vehicle operators.

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Freight forms and publications

Here you will find Freight related forms and publications for heavy vehicles used within Western Australia.

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Freight site map

Use this page to help locate key areas of the Freight site.

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