Health and fitness

About health and fitness

The Rail Safety Act requires accredited rail transport operators to ensure that their workers have the fitness and competency to carry out rail safety work. They are also required to establish and maintain a health and fitness management programme,(RSA2010 s73) an alcohol and drug management programme (s74)and a fatigue management programme (s76).

The health and fitness requirements of rail safety workers are given in the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers on the NTC website.

Note that forms are provided there for the use of appointed medical examiners.

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Drugs and alcohol

The Alcohol and Drug management programme required of an accredited rail organisation by Regulation 18 needs to make allowance for the possibility that the regulator may require that a rail safety worker be tested in accordance with the Rail Safety Act 2010 s75.

Fatigue management

Requirements are detailed in the RSA210 s76 and Regulation 19 of 2011.

For further information see the National Guidelines for Fatigue Management of Rail Safety Workers or discuss with the Office of Rail Safety.

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