About notices to mariners

Find out about chart corrections and temporary notices to mariners (TNTMs).

Notices to mariners - chart corrections

Notices to Mariners - Chart corrections are distributed to inform seafarers about changes in Department of Transport produced nautical charts.

They are a means of keeping charts up-to-date with information of a safety or navigational nature.

About temporary notices to mariners (TNTMs)

Temporary notices to mariners (TNTMs) are issued by the Department of Transport to advise mariners of events, works, activities and operations that may affect navigational safety. These include:

  • Marine works including construction, dredging, jetty, boat ramp & marina works (maritime facilities), geotechnical surveys, bridge works, pipeline installations.
  • Navigational aid outages.
  • Aquatic events such as regattas and fireworks displays where boating is restricted.
  • Temporary closure of waters to navigation.
  • Navigational hazards including sub surface obstructions, shallowing, sunken vessels, floating debris.
  • Deployment of monitoring stations.
  • Any other activities and operations that may hinder the safe navigation of vessels through a particular area.

Before undertaking any boating activities, mariners are advised to check appropriate TNTMs, chart corrections and current weather information.

These notices may be published in the Public Notices section of The West Australian, and Early General News (EGN) of regional newspapers.

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For other information on environmental conditions in your region, please go to Coastal data and charts.

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  Notices issued by other agencies

The Australian Hydrographic Office is the Commonwealth authority responsible for producing the AUS series of charts and circulating Australian Notices to Mariners which often reproduce information contained in WA Department of Transport Notices to Mariners.

Other agencies that issue Notices to Mariners and Navigational Warnings include:

  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).
  • Albany Port Authority.
  • Broome Port Authority.
  • Dampier Port Authority.
  • Esperance Ports.
  • Fremantle Port Authority.
  • Port Hedland Port Authority.
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