Albany Waterfront Marina

Albany is located 418 km southeast of Perth, in the Great Southern region. Find out about boating and marine facilities at the world-class waterfront marina, as well as coastal, tide and wave data.

  Albany Waterfront Marina

The Albany Waterfront Marina, is located in the heart of the Albany CBD at the Princess Royal Harbour Foreshore. It contains 70 floating boat pens for recreational use, 2 commercial charter pens, a service jetty, and a 2-lane boat ramp.

For more information, please download the fact sheets below.

MAC_G_Boating_Albany.pdf icon Kb
MAC_G_Albany_Waterfront_Marina.pdf icon Kb
MAC-P-AlbanyWaterfrontMarinaVesselAccomPlan.pdf icon Kb

  Use of marine facilities: Albany

The following documents provide detailed information on requirements for using the facilities:

MAC_PO_CoastalMarineFacReqs.pdf icon Kb
MAC_G_ElectGasInsurance.pdf icon Kb
MAC_PO_LiveOnboard.pdf icon Kb
MAC-G-Fees-MaritimeFacilities1617.pdf icon Kb
MAC-G-Fees-MaritimeFacilitiesFAQ1617.pdf icon Kb
MAC-G-Fees_Complete_201617.pdf icon Kb

In addition the above general conditions of use, please refer to the code of conduct below.

MAC-PO-Albany-Marina-CoC.pdf icon Kb
MAC-PO-Albany-Emu-Point-CoC.pdf icon Kb

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  Check the weather before you go out on the water

Before actually starting your trip, get the most up to date forecast available.

We recommend that you read the forecast and warning information on the Marine Weather Services page of the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website. You should also read the Marine Weather Services pamphlet available on their website.

Other sources of weather information are detailed in the next section.

Opens in a new window Bureau of Meteorology (BOM): Check the weather before you go out on the water
Opens in a new window Bureau of Meteorology (BOM): Terminology
External Link Marine Safety Tasmania: MetEye - Weather forecasting tool from the BOM (video)

  Albany weather forecast

Weather Hotline: 1900 969 903

Opens in a new window Bureau of Meteorology (BOM): Albany forecast

  Albany Sea Search & Rescue Squad (VMR 610)

Opens in a new window Albany Sea Search and Rescue Squad
Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
PO Box 1031,
Albany WA 6331
(08) 9844 1005 (08) 9844 1767 Email

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