Aquatic Use Reviews (AUR)

The Department of Transport conducts regular aquatic reviews to ensure the safe, equitable and sustainable use of our important waterways.

  Geraldton Aquatic Use Review and survey

30/05/2017: The Geraldton Aquatic Use Review public survey period has now ended, thank you to those who completed the survey. The Department of Transport will now review all comments submitted prior to implementing any recommendations.

For further information please contact Mr Chris Mather, Team Leader Navigational Safety on (08) 9431 1006.

External Link 24/03/2017: Comment sought on proposals to improve safety on the water at Geraldton
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  About Aquatic Use Reviews (AUR)

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The Department of Transport undertakes regular Aquatic Use Reviews (AUR) throughout the state to ensure the safe, equitable and sustainable use of the State's waterways. Minor localised reviews may also be undertaken outside of a full AUR to cater for new types of activities in an area or to address site specific conflicts that arise between users from time to time.

The Department follows a standard process in completing all AURs to ensure that all views and options are considered and to ensure the broader community has the opportunity to provide feedback on any proposed changes.

If you wish to find out more about an AUR currently underway or see if an AUR is being considered in your area, please contact our Navigational Safety team.

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  Completed Aquatic Use Reviews (AUR)

Matilda Bay

The Department of Transport (DoT) has completed the review of aquatic use within the Matilda Bay area of the Swan Canning River ensuring the ongoing safe, equitable and sustainable use of this important waterway.

The review specifically looked at the current management arrangements in place for Matilda Bay and explored changes to maximise the amenity and future use.

Key stakeholders were consulted including the Department of Parks and Wildlife, Rowing WA, Yachting WA, clubs in Matilda Bay, commercial ferry operators, Recfishwest, Boating Industry Association of WA, Boating Western Australia and DoT received 360 responses to an online survey targeting the boating community in November last year as part of the review process.

The major outcome of the review will see the implementation of an 8 knot speed restriction in all waters of Matilda Bay for vessels over 10 metres in length. Vessels larger than 10 metres travelling faster than 8 knots create significant wake and wash which can have a detrimental impact on the stability of other vessels and cause damage to marine facilities. Reducing the wash and wave energy created by passing vessels provides for safe, equitable and sustainable use of the waters of Matilda Bay as demand increases for a variety of aquatic activities in the Swan Canning Riverpark.

To view the changes please view the new boating guide.

MAC_G_Boating_SwanCanningRiver.pdf icon Swan Canning Riverpark: Boating guide Kb


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