BoatCode and HIN

Boatcode provides a means to positively identify a boat using its Hull Identification Number (HIN).

  Your responsibility as a boat owner

If you are the owner of a boat that does not have a Hull Identification Number (HIN), you will need one on transfer of ownership..


  • Before transfer of ownership of a boat can take place, a HIN Certificate must be obtained and a HIN plate must be fixed to the boat. The Department of Transport also recommends that you get a HIN for security reasons.
  • If your boat already has a HIN, you can have it verified and entered onto the database, along with the boat details.

To register for a new HIN or to have a HIN verified, please contact a BoatCode provider listed below.

  Your responsibility as a boat builder

Boat builders are required to attach a unique Hull Identification Number (HIN) to all newly constructed vessels, according to ISO 10087:1995(E) standards.

The HIN must include the allocated Manufacturer's Identity Code (MIC). If you do not have a MIC, please contact the Boating Industry Association in your state.

Opens in a new window Boating Industry Association (BIA)

  BoatCode system

Boatcode provides a means to positively identify a boat using its Hull Identification Number (HIN).

A HIN/Boatcode is compulsory:

  • On new vessels before initial registration.
  • On transfer of registration, where the vessel has not previously been affixed with a HIN.
  • For second-hand vessels being registered for the first time.

Exception from HIN/Boatcode requirements:

  • Any commercial vessel or a regulated Australian vessel.
  • A vessel regulated under the Navigation Act 2012 of the Commonwealth.
  • A vessel being registered to a benefactor of a will, or to the estate of the late owner or within a family following the death of the registered controller this being and including spouse, legal de facto and children.
  • An expired registration when there is no change of ownership and the payment of a late and renewal fee is made.

The HIN will be verified and recorded into a database, which is linked to the WA Police Service and the WA Department of Commerce.

The Department of Transport updates the database, so that:

  • Any person trying to re-register a stolen boat will be referred to the WA Police Service.
  • Buyers of second hand boats can check the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) for any outstanding financial obligations attached to the vessel.

The security offered by the system may also help buyers get easier financing and better insurance rates from financial providers.

Please download the brochure below for more information.

MAC-B-HINsAndBoatCode.pdf icon BoatCode (Brochure) Kb
Opens in a new window Department of Commerce
External Link Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)
Opens in a new window Western Australian Police

  BoatCode providers (list)

BoatCode providers assist recreational boat owners by:

  • Affixing new Hull Identification Numbers (HIN) plates and issuing HIN certificates.
  • Verifying existing HINs on vessels.

Some providers provide a mobile service and visit yacht clubs, moorings etc. for craft that are unable to be trailered.

The providers may charge for their services, but there are no additional government fees.

The Department of Transport issues the HINs and accredits the BoatCodes providers.


HIN Certificates are required when registering or transferring ownership of a vessel.

Please find below a list of BoatCode providers and their contact details.

Boatcode providers in Western Australia

Area/Region Location Company details Contact Type of service
East metropolitan Ballajura Devil Marine, 13 Pine Gardens M: 0433 688 367 Mobile
East metropolitan Beckenham Combined Boating Services, 3 Hersey Place (08) 9296 6603 M: 0413 735 726 Mobile
East metropolitan Guildford Offshore Marine, 52 James Street M: 0417 945 831 Email Mobile
East metropolitan Maddington F and L Marine and Mechanical Services, 15 Miller Street (08) 9459 4527 Fax: (08) 9459 6337 Email Fixed and Mobile
East metropolitan Maylands Marine and Industrial Training Services, 21 Sopwith Road (08) 9371 8114 M: 0419 944 418 Fixed and Mobile
Gascoyne Carnarvon Craig's Marine, 302 Robinson Street (08) 9941 1213 Fax: (08) 9941 1718 Fixed and Mobile
Gascoyne Denham Philip Wood Marine, 153 Knight Terrace M: 0427 080 063  
Gascoyne Exmouth Exmouth Automotive and Boating Services, 957 Griffiths Way (08) 9949 2795 Fax: (08) 9949 4795 Fixed and Mobile
Goldfields/Esperance Esperance Moby Marine Services, 22 Gilpin Street (08) 9071 5765 Fax: (08) 9071 2800 Fixed
Goldfields/Esperance Hopetoun Ravena Nominees, David Maloney M: 0428 383 069 Fixed and Mobile
Great Southern Albany Rusty's Marine, 2/205 Chester Pass Road (08) 9842 1022 Fax: (08) 9842 1048 Fixed and Mobile
Great Southern Albany Watercraft Marine Boat Pens, Emu Point (08) 9844 1819 Fax: (08) 9844 1817 Fixed and Mobile
Kimberley Broome Broome Boat Shop M: 0421 711 201 Fixed
Kimberley Broome Pearlshed Trailers, Cameron Howlett (08) 9193 7330 Fixed and Mobile
Kimberley Derby Derby Volunteer Rescue Group (08) 9191 1316 M: 0400 964 181 Fixed and Mobile
Kimberley Kununurra Barradise Boating Essentials M: 0407 728 486 Fixed
Kimberley Wyndham Kimberley Motors, 6 Great Northern Highway (08) 9161 1281 (08) 9161 1220 Fixed and Mobile
Mid West Geraldton Bayside Marine, 284 Place Road (08) 9964 3477 Fax: (08) 9965 2808 Fixed and Mobile
Mid West Geraldton Midwest Marine, 61 Anderson Street, Webberton (08) 964 9874 M: 0400 335 993 Fixed
Mid West Jurien Bay Jurien Marine Supplies, Lot 649 Carmella Street (08) 9652 1294 Fax: (08) 9652 1501 Email Fixed and Mobile
Mid West Kalbarri Breaksea Nominees, Lot 832 Bridgman Road M: 0427 914 712 (08) 9937 1291 Fixed and Mobile
Mid West Port Denison SRM Custom Marine, Gallagher Way (08) 9927 2840 Fixed and Mobile
North metropolitan Cottesloe Boating Western Aust. Inc, 110 Railway St. P.O. Box 692 South Fremantle 6162 M: 0417 918 512 Email Mobile
North metropolitan Hillarys Greg Adams M: 0404 844 234 Email Mobile
North metropolitan Joondalup Joondalup Boat Shack, 18 Winton Road. Joondalup (08) 9300 9970 M: 0412 217 757 Fixed and Mobile
North metropolitan Kingsley Combined Boating Services, 273 Oakover Road, Herne Hill (08) 9296 6603 M: 0413 735 726 Mobile
North metropolitan Leederville Boat Craft, 19 Byron Street Fax: (08) 9242 5238 M: 0418 956793 Mobile
North metropolitan Nedlands Alan Johns, 7 Grizen Way, Munster M: 0404 000 856 Fixed and Mobile
North metropolitan Osborne Park Ram Marine, 46 Sundercombe Street (08) 9446 7433 M: 0409 842 810 Fixed and Mobile
North metropolitan Osborne Park Power Boats, 4 Smithing Street, Woodlands 6018 M: 0413 581 990 Fixed and Mobile
North metropolitan Sorrento Quay Blaxell Maritime Services, Mansfield Marine, Shop 44 Southside Drive M: 0409 101 300 Fixed and Mobile
North metropolitan Wanneroo Shane Turner, 155 Franklin Road   Fixed and Mobile
North metropolitan Westminster Boat City, 430 Wanneroo Road (08) 9345 4311 Fax: (08) 9345 4399 M: 0407 148 862 Fixed
Peel Mandurah Ocean Water Marine, 99a Park Road (08) 9581 3233 Fixed
Peel Mandurah BoatLand, 7b Panton Road (08) 9582 0992 Fax: (08) 9582 0994 Fixed
Peel Mandurah Bouvard Marine, 4 Delmont Place (08) 9581 8281 Fax: (08) 9581 8290 Fixed and Mobile
Peel Mandurah John Mantle Marine, 55/18 Maclaggan Turn (08) 9581 4708 M: 0415 291 090 Email Mobile
Peel Mandurah Waterside Marine, 80a Mandurah terrace (08) 9581 1242 M: 0400 339 215 Fixed
Peel Mandurah Mandurah Outboards, 53 Gordon Road (08) 9581 7224 Fixed
Pilbara Dampier Hampton Harbour Boat Club, 17 The Esplanade (08) 9183 1116 Fixed
Pilbara Onslow KHB Mechanical, Lot 455 Cornish Way M: 0419 840 725 Fixed and Mobile
Pilbara Port Hedland Daniel Frost M: 0434 714 292 Fixed
South metropolitan Applecross Canning River Traders South Perth Yacht Club, Canning Beach Road (08) 9364 9409 Fax: (08) 9364 2224 Email Fixed
South metropolitan Applecross P J Solutions 0412 947 756 Mobile
South metropolitan Baldivis Malibu Boats WA, 136 St Albans Road (08) 9523 2200 M: 0403 987 915 Mobile
South metropolitan Beaconsfield Portside Marine, 1 Naylor Street M: 0412 299 016 Email Fixed
South metropolitan Canning Vale R Marine, 53-55 Catalano Court (08) 9455 4038 M: 0407 949 293 Fixed
South metropolitan East Fremantle Boatarama/Aquarama Marina, 110 Riverside Road (08) 9339 4444 M: 0401 864 187 Email Fixed and Mobile
South metropolitan Fremantle Martin Box Marine, 1 Capo D'Orlando Drive M: 0418 926 111 Fax: (08) 9430 4212 Fixed and Mobile
South metropolitan Fremantle Quay Maritime Consultancy Pty. Ltd, 34/11 Cliff Street (08) 9336 4344 Fax: (08) 9336 4595 Email Fixed and Mobile
South metropolitan Fremantle Fast Ferrys Australia Pty M: 0412 472 329  
South metropolitan Fremantle David Etheridge, 18/31 Stockdale Road O'Connor M: 0417 948 262 Fixed and Mobile
South metropolitan North Fremantle North Port Marine Services, Corner of Sultan Road and Rouse Head Road M: 0427 876 408 Email Fixed and Mobile
South metropolitan O'Connor Ocean Life Mobile Marine Services, 2/67 Forsyth Street M: 0438 903 589 Mobile
South metropolitan Orelia and Kwinana Marine Doctor Sonny Tilbury M: 0412 279 101 Fixed and Mobile
South metropolitan Rockingham Midway Marine, 43 Hurrell Way (08) 9527 6963 Fax: (08) 9527 6964 Email Fixed
South metropolitan Rockingham Rockingham Boating Centre, 7 Crocker Street (08) 9527-2999 Fax: (08) 9527-1300 Email Fixed
South metropolitan Willagee Stockden Marine, 143 B North Lake Road M: 0417 989 536 Mobile
South West Bunbury Millard Marine, 5 Sandridge Road (08) 9721 3033 Fixed and Mobile
South West Bunbury Pacemaker Boats, 24 Petherick Street (08) 9721 4440 Fax: (08) 9271 4440 Fixed and Mobile
South West Bunbury Sportsmarine Boat Centre, 57 Strickland Street (08) 9721 4390 Fax: (08) 9721 4104 Email Fixed and Mobile
South West Busselton Busselton Machinery, PO Box 215 (08) 9752 1522 M: 0427 251 144 Mobile
South West Dunsborough Bosan Marine, 214 Naturaliste Terrace (08) 9755 3439 M: 0400 065 212 Fixed and Mobile
South West Quindalup Dunsborough Marine,1068 Caves Road (08) 9756 7968 M: 0427 189 642 Fixed
South West Walpole Walpole Motors, 1/lot 628 Miguel Place (08) 9840 1315 Fax: (08) 9840 1323 Email Fixed and Mobile
Wheatbelt Northam Freinds Garage, 8 Grey Street (08) 9622 1258 Fax: (08) 9622 1258 Fixed and Mobile

  Hull Identification Number (HIN)

Hull Identification Number HIN

The Hull Identification Number (HIN), also known as a BoatCode, is a unique series of characters and numbers assigned to your vessel, similar to the chassis number (VIN) on motor vehicles. It is usually moulded in the hull or engraved on a metal plate that is fastened the hull.

A HIN is required when a boat is:

  • Registered for the first time.
  • Transferred to another owner.

HINs are for newer boats will usually be provided by the manufacturer. Older boats that do not have a HIN can get one from a BoatCode provider.

The HIN contains the following information, in conformance with ISO 10087:2006).

Opens in a new window International Organization for Standardization (ISO): ISO 10087:1995 Small craft - Hull identification - Coding system

  Applying for a HIN

Recreational boat owners who need a Hull Identification Number (HIN) should make their own arrangements with a BoatCode provider.

To apply for a HIN, you will need to submit:

Please download the application form and a blank statutory declaration below.

Fees charged by BoatCode providers to clients

Fee type Fee
Maximum fee to be charged by a BoatCode Provider for affixing a HIN to a vessel presented at the Provider's premises. $90.00 (+GST)
Maximum fee to be charged by a BoatCode Provider for inspecting and validating a HIN on a vessel at the Provider's premises. $50.00 (+GST)

BoatCode Providers are permitted to charge additional fees to cover travel and accommodation costs when a HIN is affixed, inspected or validated at a location other than the Provider's normal premises. This will be subject to the client being advised of the additional fee prior to the travel being undertaken.

MAC-F-HINApplication.pdf icon HIN application form Kb
MAC-F-HINStatDeclaration0612.pdf icon HIN Statutory declaration Kb

  BoatCode and HIN: Documents


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