Jetty licences

Find out how to apply for, renew, transfer or cancel a jetty licence in Western Australia.

  About jetty licences

The Jetties Act 1926 (WA) defines a jetty as any structure connected to a body of waters that, wholly or in part, may be used for the purpose of launching or landing a vessel.

This includes:

  • Wharves.
  • Piers.
  • Grids.
  • Slips.
  • Landing places.
  • Stages.
  • Platforms.
  • Ramps.
  • Fixed or floating structures.
  • Erected or placed structures.

All jetties require a licence. This is to ensure that the jetty meets all safety and maintenance standards, and does not interfere with navigation.

Types of jetty licences

There are 3 types of jetty licences:

  • Commercial jetty licence: issued to businesses or for commercial activities.
  • Private jetty licence: for domestic and recreational by the applicant and family only.
  • Public jetty licence: issued to a public body for use by the general public.

Public liability risk

A jetty licence does not restrict public access to areas that the public would have had access to before the licence was issued; for example, a foreshore reserve.

Licensees should be aware of the public liability risk of having a jetty and the indemnity provided under the licence. You may wish to obtain public liability and other relevant insurance for their jetty.

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For more information, please contact the Maritime Licensing Officer.

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  Pay your jetty licence fee online

If you have received a renewal account notice, you can pay by credit card via DoTDirect, your services access point. Your renewal account number is located on the renewal notice.

Pay your account (online)

  Schedule of maritime facilities fees and charges (2016/2017)

Maritime facility fees apply from 1 July 2016.

DoT is implementing a staged review of its maritime facilities fees and charges. The changes for 2016-17, which will apply from 1 July 2016, are the third stage of the larger review process. The key change in 2016-17 is that for fee calculation purposes vessel length will be based the overall vessel length, rounded down to the nearest whole metre.

For further information please refer to the documents below for new fees and charges, Frequently Asked Questions, Vessel accommodation types and Use of DoT service jetties and wharves.

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MAC-G-Fees-MaritimeFacilitiesFAQ1617.pdf icon Kb
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Please contact us with feedback or further queries.

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  Applying for a licence

Jetty licences are issued in the name of the owner of the property at which the jetty will be constructed.


For new jetties, construction must not start until the licence has been awarded.

To apply for a jetty licence please submit the following to our Fremantle office:

  • Jetty Licence Application form (available below).
  • Copy of the Certificate of Title for the adjacent property.
  • Site plan showing the jetty's dimensions and its location in relation to the applicant's property (A4-size) must include all other structures, e.g. boat ramps.
  • Application fee (non-refundable).

If the proposed jetty structure does not conform to approved specifications, engineering drawings must be submitted along with the site plan.

If the licence will be in a company's name (as shown on the Certificate of Title), the following will need to be provided:

  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Names and addresses of 2 company directors (who will be guarantors).
  • Australian Business Number (ABN).

For more information, please contact a Maritime Licensing Officer.

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(08) 9435 7626 Email

Please download the relevant application form below.

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  Modifying an existing licence

If you intend to conduct any works on your jetty, a permit to modify the jetty is required.

You will need to provide the following:

  • Modification form (available below).
  • Design drawings signed by a licensed engineer.
  • Site plan showing the jetty's dimensions and its location in relation to the applicant's property (A4-size) must include all other structures, e.g. boat ramps.
  • Confirmation that the jetty number is properly displayed on the structure.
  • Copies of all relevant approvals.
  • Application fee (non-refundable).

Please download the relevant jetty licence modification form below.

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  Transfer of a jetty licence

Applications to transfer a jetty licence from one owner to another follows the same process as new application. However, the current licensee must provide the Department of Transport with a statement that they have no objections to the transfer.

The Department does not reimburse licence fees for transfers. Licensees may wish to adjust the property price to reflect any unusual or unpaid licence fees directly with the vendor or settlement agent.

The date listed on a transferred jetty licence will be the date of transfer of ownership of the relevant property, as shown in the Certificate of Title.

Please download the relevant transfer form below.

To transfer your jetty licence, please submit a Form A - Notice of Intention to Relinquish Jetty Licence (available below).

The Department of Transport does not reimburse any fees on the cancellation of a licence.

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  Issue of jetty licences

Once an application is submitted, the Department of Transport will consult with other relevant authorities before issuing a licence, depending on the location of the jetty and the local policies that may apply. These include:

  • Department of Environment Regulation.
  • Swan River Trust.
  • Local government.

Note: After receiving a jetty licence, you may still need to obtain any other relevant development or building approvals from these authorities.

Licence dates

The commencement date for a new jetty licence will be either:

  • Date construction commences.
  • Date the licence is issued.
  • Proposed future date for commencement of construction.

The renewal date for a new jetty licence will normally be a continuation of the previous licence's annual renewal date.

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  Display of licence numbers

Each jetty licence will have a unique licence number.

The licence numbered must be:

  • Displayed above the winter high-water level.
  • Visible from both the shore and on the water.
  • In a contrasting colour to the structure.
  • At least 75 mm high.


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