Join the new Marine Safety Facebook page

Join the new Marine Safety Facebook page

Join us on Facebook to be part of WA's boating community. The Marine Safety Facebook page provides information on safe navigation and safe use of State waters, marine environment protection and marine emergencies.

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Image of paddle craft on foreshore

Paddle safe

Personal locator beacons or PLBs can now be used for paddle craft.

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In-date flares now required - image of lady holding a lit flare

Distress flares

What you need to know about flares, such as inshore and offshore requirements, AUS/NZ standards and safe usage, storage and disposal.

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Image of sunken boat

Lookout when on the water

Skippers should always keep a good lookout.

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Pay your boat registration online today

Pay your boat renewal online

If you have received a renewal account notice, you can pay by credit card using Pay Online, part of DoTDirect, your services access point. Your renewal account number is located on the boat renewal notice.

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Boating guides and marine facilities in WA

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Recreational boating and water sports

Read more about: Recreational boating and water sports

Find out about recreational boating in WA, including safety and regulations, voyage planning, vessel registration, maintenance, and the Recreational Skipper's Ticket.

Commercial vessels

Read more about: Commercial vessels

Find out everything you need to know about the safe and correct construction, modification and operation of commercial vessels.

Boating facilities

Read more about: Boating facilities

Find out about boating and marine facilities, including moorings, marinas, and boat launching ramps. Information about jetty licences, commercial leasing opportunities.

Safety, navigation and data

Read more about: Safety, navigation and data

Find out about safety and navigation in WA waters, including equipment, navigational aids, GPS, coastal data, nautical charts, weather, emergencies, lights and notices to mariners.

Marine Education Boatshed

Read more about: Marine Education Boatshed

Find out about the marine safety education programs that the Department's Marine Boatshed runs for schools and other educational institutions.

Environmental protection

Read more about: Environmental protection

Find out about major threats to the marine environment, such as oil spills, sewage, other types of pollution, disturbances, wake wash and coastal erosion.

Marine forms and publications

Read more about: Marine forms and publications

This section contains all the forms and publications for marine safety and coastal infrastructure, including the popular Boating Guides.

Marine news and events

Read more about: Marine news and events

Join Marine in social media, find out about marine-related news, Boating Communities Newsletter, access the aquatic calendar and get details on holding events.

About us, fees and contacts

Read more about: About us, fees and contacts

Find out about the marine, boating and coastal services of the Department of Transport, including how to contact us.

Marine site map

Use this page to help locate key areas of the Marine site.

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