RST practice quizzes

Test your knowledge about the Recreational Skipper's Ticket course material with these practice quizzes.

  RST practice quizzes

Below are 8 practice quizzes for the Recreational Skipper's Ticket (RST).

Most of the quizzes consist of 20 multiple choice questions based on the RST course material.


  • Select one of the eight quizzes below.
  • For each quiz, select the answers that you think are correct.
  • Select 'Next' to proceed to the next question.
  • Your score is only shown once you have attempted every question in a quiz.

Please select one of the following links to get started.

RST Quiz 1 RST Quiz 2 RST Quiz 3 RST Quiz 4 RST Quiz 5 RST Quiz 6 RST Quiz 7 RST Quiz 8

Printing your results

There is a 'print results' link in the upper, right hand corner of every quiz results page. We recommend that you print in landscape (wide) mode.

Further reading

If you need help with the questions, check out the RST workbook, which has all the information you will need to pass the assessment.

  What if the quizzes don't work for me?

The quizzes have been tested on most of the common web browsers in use today. Each quiz is available in both Flash and HTML5 format.

  • Your web browser will automatically determine the best format to use.

If the quizzes still fail to work, please consider updating your web browser. Most common web browsers are free to download and use.

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