Safety, navigation and data

Find out about safety and navigation in Western Australian waters, including equipment for boats, navigational aids, GPS and coastal data, nautical charts, weather, buoyancy, emergencies, notices to mariners, and lights.

Safety Equipment Review - have your say now

The Department is conducting a review of the safety equipment required for recreational vessels. Find out more by visiting the Safety equipment review page or take the opportunity to participate by completing the online survey now.

  Safety Equipment Review - have your say now. Image of safety equipment.

Emergencies and incidents


Read more about: Emergencies and incidents

Find out about marine emergencies and incidents in Western Australia.

Notices to mariners and navigational warnings


Read more about: Notices to mariners and navigational warnings

Find out about temporary and ongoing notices to mariners, navigational warnings, notices for the marine industry, and information regarding restricted waters in Western Australia.

Safety equipment


Read more about: Safety equipment

Find out about the safety equipment you will need on board your boat including EPIRBs, flares, fire extinguishers and lifejackets.

Navigation aids


Read more about: Navigation aids

Find out about navigation aids including the types of marks, Cardinal marks, leads, lights and the Coming in, Going out rule.

GPS validation markers


Read more about: GPS validation markers

Find out what Western Australia's GPS validation markers look like, how to use them and where they are located.

Loading and buoyancy


Read more about: Loading and buoyancy

Find out about loading and buoyancy, including the types of flotation, Australian Builders Plate, overloading and tips to ensure stability.

Coastal data and charts


Read more about: Coastal data and charts

Find data and charts about the Western Australian coastline and surrounding waters.

Coast cams


Read more about: Coast cams

Access the Department of Transport's coast cams to view current conditions of key areas in the Perth metropolitan area.



Read more about: Weather

Find out about current forecasts, sources of weather information, synoptic charts, wave and sea breeze information.

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