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  Marine media statements

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For media statements prior to 1 August 2014, please see archives below.

  Marine media statements 2013/14 archive

Title Type Size Date
Offshore kite and wind surfers need safety gear PDF 102 Kb 01-Aug-14
Boating safety to be highlighted in North West in August PDF 70 Kb 28-Jul-14
Swan River icon set for major upgrade PDF 68 Kb 18-Jul-14
Boating safety highlighted at Dowerin PDF 69 Kb 16-Jul-14
11/07/2014: New funds granted for coastal protection Link   11-Jul-14
200,000 Recreational Skipper's Tickets issued PDF 69 Kb 09-Jul-14
Boating safety to be highlighted in Kununurra PDF 69 Kb 23-Jun-14
Skippers need to check flares after national recall PDF 52 Kb 23-Jun-14
Vessels penned on the water need current registration PDF 69 Kb 18-Jun-14
Trawling starts to clear Jurien Boat Harbour PDF 69 Kb 04-Jun-14
Importance of keeping a good lookout reinforced in new safety campaign PDF 53 Kb 26-May-14
Value of lifejackets highlighted PDF 68 Kb 14-May-14
12/05/2014; Jetty replaced at Batavia Coast Marina Link   12-May-14
06/05/2014: High-tech monitoring gear for Jurien Boat Harbour Link   06-May-14
Skippers need to check EPIRBs PDF 52 Kb 14-Apr-14
Feedback sought on changes to enhance boating safety PDF 46 Kb 09-Apr-14
Interim repairs to start at Bunbury Cut PDF 50 Kb 04-Apr-14
New channel opens at Port Geographe PDF 68 Kb 26-Mar-14
Speed crackdown planned for river PDF 57 Kb 24-Mar-14
Be safe on the water this Crab Fest (2014) PDF 55 Kb 05-Mar-14
Coastal protection funding announced PDF 51 Kb 05-Mar-14
25/02/2014: Wellington Dam water ski area opens Link   25-Feb-14
25/02/2014: Forty boat pens ready for harbour opening Link   25-Feb-14
Glen Mervyn Dam closed to water skiing PDF 49 Kb 10-Feb-14
Albany wave data under threat PDF 60 Kb 03-Feb-14
If you're the skipper, you're responsible on Australia Day (2014) PDF 58 Kb 26-Jan-14
Water ski area increased at Logue Brook Dam PDF 51 Kb 24-Jan-14
Preparation key to safe Australia Day on the water PDF 59 Kb 22-Jan-14
Deadline nears for recreational boating facility grant PDF 62 Kb 08-Jun-17
Water ski areas reinstated at Koombana Bay PDF 51 Kb 20-Dec-13
18/12/2013: New look Port Geographe unveiled Link   18-Dec-13
Changes to improve safety on Peel waterways PDF 56 Kb 02-Dec-13
Piling operations about to commence at harbour PDF 41 Kb 13-Nov-13
Recreational vessels targeted throughout Western Australia this weekend PDF 51 Kb 02-Nov-13
New patrol vessel for Great Southern PDF 50 Kb 01-Nov-13
DoT world-class project cleans up at national awards thanks to a local focus PDF 43 Kb 18-Oct-13
17/10/2013: More parking for Hillarys Boat Harbour Link   17-Oct-13
Mother Nature damages Western Australia's coastline PDF 60 Kb 16-Oct-13
Jurien Bay boat harbour beach temporarily closed PDF 153 Kb 11-Oct-13
Safety spotlight on lifejackets at Mandurah Boat Show PDF 44 Kb 27-Sep-13
25/09/2013: More than $1m to help protect WA's coastline Link   25-Sep-13
New speed restrictions to boost safety on Swan Canning Riverpark PDF 53 Kb 25-Sep-13
New EPIRB laws will help save lives PDF 54 Kb 23-Sep-13
Kalbarri gets Coastcam PDF 50 Kb 04-Sep-13
Jetty replacement program continues at Hillarys Boat Harbour PDF 40 Kb 28-Aug-13
Revised boating facility footprint and concept released PDF 52 Kb 26-Aug-13
Temporary increase in truck movements at harbour PDF 69 Kb 29-Jul-13
Forum to discuss proposed changes for popular Peel waterways PDF 53 Kb 26-Jul-13
Rehabilitation success at harbour site PDF 71 Kb 03-Jul-13
28/06/2013: Work set to start on Port Geographe Link   28-Jun-13
Site investigations continue for Broome Boating Facility PDF 51 Kb 10-Jun-13
Oil spill response training for Exmouth PDF 51 Kb 05-Jun-13
July 1 deadline nears for flares to be in date PDF 41 Kb 29-May-13
Navigation of Swan River safer with final stage of upgrade PDF 53 Kb 22-May-13
National boating survey to benefit Western Australian skippers PDF 88 Kb 20-May-13
Hillarys takes national award PDF 50 Kb 06-May-13
On water changes at Rottnest to improve safety PDF 62 Kb 08-Jun-17
Harbour breakwater construction progressing on schedule at Augusta PDF 69 Kb 22-Apr-13
New boating guide highlights safety changes on Walpole and Nornalup Inlets PDF 46 Kb 10-Apr-13
Waroona Dam reopens for water skiing in time for Easter PDF 52 Kb 27-Mar-13
Waroona Dam closed to water skiing PDF 40 Kb 20-Mar-13
Maintenance dredging to start at Bandy Creek PDF 68 Kb 18-Mar-13
Be safe on the water this Crab Fest (2013) PDF 55 Kb 08-Mar-13
Beach goers thanked for lending a helping hand PDF 51 Kb 25-Feb-13
Major navigation upgrade for Mandurah PDF 65 Kb 09-Jun-17
Fremantle boat pens completed PDF 51 Kb 06-Feb-13
Snorkellers should use dive flag PDF 53 Kb 04-Feb-13
Paddle craft need safety gear PDF 42 Kb 04-Feb-13
If you're the skipper, you're responsible on Australia Day (2013) PDF 58 Kb 26-Jan-13
Logue Brooke Dam reopens for water skiing PDF 51 Kb 25-Jan-13
Be prepared if you are spending time on the water this Australia Day PDF 59 Kb 23-Jan-13
14/01/2013: $6million available for coastal protection Link   14-Jan-13

  Marine media statements 2012 archive

MAR_P_2012-12-17_RST_flare_warning_Mid_West.pdf icon 19/12/2012: Mid West skippers warned they need RST and flares Kb
MAR_P_2012-11-30_cervantes_barge_response_2.pdf icon 30/11/2012: DoT working with barge owners in formulation of salvage plan Kb
MAR_P_29.11.2012_DoT_responds_to_barge_grounding.pdf icon 29/11/2012: DoT responds to barge grounding Kb
MAR_P_2012-11-23_boats_in_breakers_warning_ms.pdf icon 28/11/2012: Skippers told to check swell before going boating Kb
MAR_P_2012-11-19_safety_warning_-_The_Cut_ms.pdf icon 19/11/2012: Navigation warning for 'The Cut' Kb
MAR_P_2012-11-19__Dec_1_water_ski_changes_swna_and_canning_ms.pdf icon 19/11/2012: New measures designed to make water skiing safer on Swan and Canning Kb
MAR_P_2012-11-16_Albany_Waterfront_work_starts_on_pontoon_ms.pdf icon 16/11/2012: Works starts on new floating pontoon at Albany Waterfront Kb
External Link 16/11/2012: State Government funds Port Geographe solution
External Link 07/11/2012: Detailed design complete for 25 pens at Exmouth Boat Harbour
mar_P_media_2012_11_06_flare_policy.pdf icon 05/11/2012: Deadline set for flares to be in date Kb
MAR_P_2012-10-22_leavers_week_ms.pdf icon 02/11/2012: School leavers urged to play it safe on the water Kb
MAR__P_29_10_12_Geraldton_RSTs_and_regos_ms.pdf icon 29/10/2012: Recreational Skipper's Ticket needed on board Kb
MAR_P_2012-10-15_oil_spill_training.pdf icon 15/10/2012: Oil spill response training for Geraldton Kb
MAR__P2012-10-15_photo_monitoring_guide_.pdf icon 15/10/2012: New guide to assist coastal managers Kb
MAR_P_2012-10-05_PWC_warning.pdf icon 05/10/2012: Recreational Skipper's Ticket needed for jetskis Kb
External Link 05/09/2012: Major boost for coastal protection funding
MAR_P_2012-09-05_Coral_Bay_pontoon_contract_ms.pdf icon 05/09/2012: New floating pontoon for Coral Bay Kb
External Link 31/08/2012: Annual bypassing starts at Port Geographe
MAR_P_2012-08-17_waroona_dam_reopens.pdf icon 17/08/2012: Waroona Dam reopens for water skiing Kb
MAR_P_2012-07-17_Denham_consultation_outcome_ms.pdf icon 17/08/2012: Plans endorsed for Denham's future boating facilities Kb
External Link 15/08/2012: Esperance lead clean-up complete
MAR_P_2012-08-13_expire_campaign_launch_ms.pdf icon 13/08/2012: Don't Expire campaign launched Kb
MAR_P_2012_07_25_PortHedlandBoatingGuide.pdf icon 25/07/2012: Port Hedland Boating Guide Kb
MAR_P_2012_07_23_Marine_Trailer_Relaunch_media_statement.pdf icon 23/07/2012: Boating safety gets a new look Kb
MAR_P_2012_07_12_FFBH_public_ballot_result_media_statement.pdf icon 12/07/2012: New Fremantle pens allocated Kb
MAR_P_2012-06-22_courtesy_moorings_peel_ms.pdf icon 22/06/2012: New courtesy moorings for Peel Kb
MAR_P_2012-06-22_courtesy_moorings_mangles_ms.pdf icon 22/06/2012: New courtesy moorings for Mangles Bay Kb
MAR_P_2012-06-20_wash_warning_Mandurah_ms.pdf icon 20/06/2012: Skippers need to minimise vessel wash near traffic bridge Kb
Mar_2012-06-06_FFBH_ballot_docs_avail_ms.pdf icon 06/06/2012: Public ballot opens for new pens Kb
External Link 21/05/2012: New Fremantle boat pens available in public ballot
MAR_P_2012-05-18_kununurra_aquatic_review_complete_ms.pdf icon 18/05/2012: Changes to improve boating safety at Lake Kununurra and Lilly Creek Lagoon Kb
MAR_P_2012-05-18_PV16_arrives_Kununurra_ms.pdf icon 18/05/2012: New marine safety patrol vessel for Kununurra Kb
External Link 16/05/2012: Grants benefit boating facilities around WA
External Link 09/05/2012: Grants benefit Great Southern boating facilities
MAR_P_2012-05-07_new_patrol_vessel.pdf icon 07/05/2012: New patrol vessel for Pilbara Kb
MAR_P_2012-04-23_geraldton_boat_show_preview_ms.pdf icon 23/04/2012: Safety gear needed for PWCs offshore Kb
MAR_P_2012-04-16_media_statement_South_West_skippers_told_to_prepare_for_winter.pdf icon 16/04/2012: South West skippers told to prepare for winter Kb
MAR_P_2012-04-13_Media_statement__Lake_Jasper_closed_to_power_craft.pdf icon 13/04/2012: Lake Jasper closed to motor boats following DEC request Kb
MAR_P_2012-04-12_Media_statement_-_Wash_creating_havoc_for_yachties_at_Fremantle_bridges.pdf icon 12/04/2012: Wash creating havoc for yachties at Fremantle bridges Kb
MAR_P_2012-04-02_denham_facility_community_meeting_options_ms.pdf icon 02/04/2012: Denham residents plan town's future boating facilities Kb
Mar_P__2012-04-02_Easter_warning_alcohol.pdf icon 02/04/2012: Skippers reminded to be responsible this Easter Kb
MAR_P_23.12.2012alcohol_campaign_ms.pdf icon 23/03/2012: Skippers targeted in new alcohol campaign Kb
MAR_P_2012_03_21_mandurah_coastcam.pdf icon 21/03/2012: Mandurah gets Coastcam Kb
Mar_P_2012_03_21_Tantabiddi_Installation_of_Nav_Aids.pdf icon 21/03/2012: Work to upgrade navigation aids at Tantabiddi (Ningaloo Reef) Kb
MAR_P_Media_2012_03_19carnarvon_boat_ramp_April_completion.pdf icon 19/03/2012: Work about to start on final stage of Carnarvon Boat Ramp project Kb
MAR_P_Media_2012_03_16_Alb_Aquatic_Review_complete_ms.pdf icon 16/03/2012: Changes to improve safety of waters off Albany Kb
MAR_P_2012_03_14_Media_Albany_pens_available.pdf icon 14/03/2012: Pens available at Albany Waterfront Marina Kb
MAR_P_Media_2012_03_12_Waroona_dam_closed.pdf icon 12/03/2012: Waroona Dam temporarily closed to water skiing Kb
MAR_P_Media_2012_03_12_Hillarys_Boat_Show.pdf icon 12/03/2012: Hands on learning for skippers at Hillarys Boat Show Kb
MAR_P_2012-03-02_crabfest_warning_ms.pdf icon 02/03/2012: Skippers need to be responsible at CrabFest Kb
MAR_P__27.02.2012_prop-aware_reminder_ms.pdf icon 27/02/2012: Skippers urged Take care be prop aware Kb
MAR_P_2012-02-15_final_call_for_submissions_Swan_Canning_Aquatic_Review_ms.pdf icon 15/02/2012: Deadline nears for comments on proposed riverpark changes Kb
MAR_P_2012-02-15_Rotto_Swim_warning_ms.pdf icon 15/02/2012: Skippers warned to stay clear of swimmers and support vessels at HBF Rottnest Channel Swim Kb
MAR_P_13.02.12_diver_below_warning_rottnest_trench_ms.pdf icon 13/02/2012: Warning for divers operating at the Rottnest Trench Fish Aggregation Device Kb
MAR_P__06.02.012_Take_Care_Be_Prop_Aware.pdf icon 06/02/2012: Latest marine campaign urges skippers to Take care be prop aware Kb
MAR_P_2012-01-26_If_you_re_the_skipper_you_re_responsible_this_Australia_Day.pdf icon 26/01/2012: If you're the skipper, you're responsible on Australia Day (2012) Kb
MAR_P_2012-01-20_Australia_Day_preparation_media_statement.pdf icon 20/01/2012: You're the skipper, you're responsible this Australia Day Kb
MAR_P_2012-01-10_RBFS_reminder_rnd_17_ms.pdf icon 10/01/2012: Recreational boating facilities grants close soon Kb
MAR_P_2012-01-05_ABH_land_lease_ms.pdf icon 05/01/2012: Land lease opportunities at Augusta Boat Harbour Kb

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