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  Notice 2017-26: Bridge construction works, Millbridge Collie River

Collie River, Millbridge to Treendale

Mariners are advised that construction works for a new bridge over the Collie River, approximately 1 km downstream of Forrest Highway, from Eaton Drive Millbridge to The Boulevard Treendale, will commence on 6 February 2017. These works are expected to be completed by 31 November 2017, with works taking place Monday to Friday during daylight hours, with provision to undertake works on Saturdays as required.

A temporary causeway and works area will be established into the Collie River from the north embankment, encompassed by a silt curtain and two yellow buoys equipped with flashing yellow lights.

The width of the river will be temporarily reduced to approximately 25 metres during these works.

Mariners are advised to use caution when transiting the area and to remain well clear of the above works area.

Authorised by: Mark Briant Manager, Navigational Safety, Marine Safety, Department of Transport.

  • Start date: 06/02/2017.
  • End date: 30/11/2017.
  • Issued: 06/02/2017.

  Notice 2015-154: Disposal site high spots,Marina vicinity,Port Geographe

Geographe Bay, Port Geographe Marina vicinity

Mariners are advised that areas of reduced charted depth remain following the offshore disposal undertaken as part of previous maintenance dredging at the Port Geographe Marina.

These high spots are located approximately one kilometre to the north of the marina entrance and approximately 450 metres from the shore, within a 100 metre radius of the following coordinate:

  • 3337.401'S, 11523.732'E (WGS 1984).

Mariners are advised to use caution when transiting the area.

Authorised by: Mark Briant Manager, Navigational Safety, Marine Safety Department of Transport.

  • Start date:
  • End date: Until Further Notice.
  • Issued: 30/10/2015.

  Notice 2014-58: Temporary removal of navigation aids, Deadwater, Augusta

Deadwater, Augusta

Two lateral navigation aids adjacent to Point Frederick, Augusta have temporarily been removed until further notice due to large amounts of sand accretion at the entrance to the Deadwater.

Shallowing has occurred throughout the area known as the Deadwater and mariners are advised to navigate with caution.

Chart Reference: Department of Transport Chart DMH698 - Hardy Inlet

Authorised by:Mark Briant Manager, Navigational Safety Marine Safety Department of Transport.

  • Issued:21/02/2014.

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