Driver's licence check (online)

Find out the current status of your Western Australian driver's licence.

  Driver's licence check (online)

Driver's licence check


  • The information provided on the status of your driver's licence is only current as at the time and date of the response. Even though our records may indicate that your drivers licence is valid, there may be outstanding or current sanctions against your licence applied by the Department of the Attorney General which may render your licence invalid.
  • In addition to this enquiry you should also perform a further verification on the Department of the Attorney General's website: Search licence suspensions (unpaid fines) online (see link below).

A Learner's Permit is not a valid licence and its details will not be displayed.

External Link Attorney Generalís Department: Online licence suspension check

  Demerit point check (online)

Demerit points are issued by the WA Police or an authorised officer for motoring offences. The points can vary anywhere from one to six points depending on the type of offence, except during long weekends and holiday seasons when the allocated demerit points for the offence will be double.

Demerit point check

If you are the holder of a phase 2 learner's permit please call 1300 720 111 for details of your demerit points.

This enquiry is for Western Australian licences only.

  Vehicle rego check (online)

Vehicle licence check

Transport is not responsible for how this information is interpreted or used. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to determine whether the vehicle should be driven.

  Licence Alert (online)

Licence Alert online is a free service that allows you to receive an SMS or email when your Western Australian driver's or vehicle licence is near expiry.

You can choose how you would like to receive your messages (by SMS and/or email). Electronic message reminders do not contain any of your personal information and you do not need to reply to the message.

Create and manage my Licence Alert

You may also subscribe to Licence Alert by:

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