Coastal infrastructure projects

Find out about the Department of Transport's coastal infrastructure planning and development projects.

Beadon Creek (Onslow) maritime facility

Ongoing planning for the upgrade and improvement of the Beadon Creek Maritime Facility in Onslow.

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Broome Boating Facility

Planning for a boat harbour at Broome has recommenced. The Department of Transport (DoT) has examined options that will provide a boat harbour in Broome over many years.

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Como Street Jetty - temporary closure

The Como Street Jetty is temporarily closed as sleeved timber support piles are replaced.

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Denham Maritime Facility upgrades

Works to transform the town foreshore were completed prior to the 'Dirk Hartog - Voyage of Discovery: Shark Bay 1616' celebrations in October 2016.

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Exmouth Boat Harbour upgrade

The Exmouth Boat Harbour upgrade project consists of a major upgrade to the service wharf, including construction of a heavy lift facility and associated land-side wharf infrastructure.

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Fishery Beach (Bremer Bay) boat ramp protection

DoT coastal management investigations into erosion and options for stabilising Fishery Beach determined a groyne, or groyne field, as the most suitable stabilising option.

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Fremantle FBH Jetty 2 redevelopment

The Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour (FFBH) Jetty 2 Redevelopment project replaced the existing fixed Jetty 2 structure with a modern floating pontoon system.

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Hillarys Boat Harbour upgrade

Work on the $1.2 million extension of the northern car park at Hillarys Boat Harbour to add extra bays to the popular destination has been completed.

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Jurien Bay Boat Harbour

Maintenance dredging operations to improve the harbour environment have commenced in the Jurien Bay Boat Harbour entrance channel.

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Oakajee Port and Rail

Status: Ongoing. Find out about the Oakajee port and rail development projects near Geraldton, which will serve iron-ore mining operations in the Mid West region of Western Australia.

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Port Geographe reconfiguration

The original coastal rock structures at Port Geographe have been reconfigured to improve environmental and amenity outcomes for the coast and community.

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Two Rocks Marina boat ramp upgrade

The project covers marine based works funded via a grant approved under the Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme, to widen the boat ramp and form two distinct lanes, install a new central finger jetty, upgrade the existing jetty and improve lighting.

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Wyndham port development

Status: Completed. The Wyndham Port Upgrade development was completed in June 2012.

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