Transport @ 3.5 Million

The State Government has developed a vision for Perth's future transport network; designed to keep our city moving as we grow and help Perth to continue to be one of the most liveable cities in the world.

  What is the Perth and Peel Transport Plan for 3.5 million People and Beyond?

The State Government's Transport @ 3.5 Million, sets the vision for a generational change to Perth and Peel's transport network.

It provides a long term plan for transport infrastructure and considers how we can use the transport network more efficiently as the population approaches 3.5 million and beyond.

The plan looks at where people will live and work in the future and outlines a flexible transport system so that people and freight can keep moving as the city grows.

To reflect the complexity and significance of the State's transport needs, the Department of Transport established an inter-government Steering Committee comprising senior executives from the following organisations to guide the development of the plan:

  • Department of Transport.
  • Western Australian Planning Commission.
  • Department of Planning.
  • Main Roads Western Australia.
  • Public Transport Authority.
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet.

To inform the mass transit component of Transport @ 3.5 Million the State Government requested specialist academics from the Planning and Transport Research Centre of WA (PATREC) to undertake a high-level research study.

Feedback received during a three-month comment period showed strong support for the draft plan released in July 2016 and as a result the investments and initiatives in the consultation draft were retained in the final version with minor modifications.

Transport @ 3.5 Million will help to maintain Perth's status as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

PROJ_P_Perth_Transport_Plan__full.pdf icon Transport @ 3.5 Million: Full plan Kb
PROJ_P_Perth_Transport_Plan__Summary.pdf icon Transport @ 3.5 Million: Summary Kb
PROJ_P_Perth_Transport_Plan__FAQs.pdf icon Transport @ 3.5 Million: Frequently asked questions Kb
PROJ_P_Perth_Transport_Plan_StakeholderPublicSubs.pdf icon Transport @ 3.5 Million: Stakeholder and public submissions, final report Kb
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  Transport @ 3.5 Million: Fact sheets

PROJ_P_Fact_sheet_Active_transport__network.pdf icon Active transport network: Fact sheet Kb
PROJ_P_Fact_sheet_Alignment_Australian_Infastructure__Plan.pdf icon Alignment with the Australian Infrastructure Plan: Fact sheet Kb
PROJ_P_Fact_sheet_Central_Metropolitan__Area.pdf icon Central Metropolitan Area: Fact sheet Kb
PROJ_P_Fact_sheet_East_Metropolitain__Area.pdf icon East Metropolitan Area: Fact sheet Kb
PROJ_P_Fact_sheet_Freight__Network.pdf icon Freight network: Fact Sheet Kb
PROJ_P_Fact_sheet_North_Eastern_Metropolitain_Area.pdf icon North Eastern Metropolitan Area: Fact sheet Kb
PROJ_P_Fact_sheet_North_Metropolitain_Area.pdf icon North Metropolitan Area: Fact sheet Kb
PROJ_P_Fact_sheet_Optimising_Network.pdf icon Optimising the network: Fact sheet Kb
PROJ_P_Fact_sheet_Public_Transport__Network.pdf icon Public transport network: Fact sheet Kb
PROJ_P_Fact_sheet_Road__Network.pdf icon Road network: Fact sheet Kb
PROJ_P_Fact_sheet_South_Metropolitain__Area.pdf icon South Metropolitan Area: Fact sheet Kb
PROJ_P_Fact_sheet_Transport_Modelling.pdf icon Transport modelling: Fact sheet Kb

  Transport @ 3.5 Million: Maps

PROJ_P_Cycling_Network__map.pdf icon Cycling network: Map Kb
PROJ_P_Freeway_Network__map.pdf icon Freeway network: Map Kb
PROJ_P_Freight_Network__map.pdf icon Freight network: Map Kb
PROJ_P_Integrated_transport__map.pdf icon Integrated mass transit network: Map Kb
PROJ_P_Public_Transport_On-Road_Network__map.pdf icon Public transport on-road network: Map Kb
PROJ_P_Rail_Network__map.pdf icon Public transport rail network: Map Kb

  Transport @ 3.5 Million: Technical reports

PROJ_P_Cycling_Network__Plan.pdf icon Cycling network plan Kb
PROJ_P_PTP_MassRapidTransit_PATREC.pdf icon Mass Rapid Transit for Perth & Peel @ 3.5 Million and Beyond Kb
PROJ_P_Perth_Freight_Transport_Network_Plan_section__1.pdf icon Perth freight transport network plan: Part 1 of 3 Kb
PROJ_P_Perth_Freight_Transport_Network_Plan_section__2.pdf icon Perth freight transport network plan: Part 2 of 3 Kb
PROJ_P_Perth_Freight_Transport_Network_Plan_section__3.pdf icon Perth freight transport network plan: Part 3 of 3 Kb
PROJ_P_Public_Transport__Plan.pdf icon Public transport plan Kb
PROJ_P_Road_Network__Plan.pdf icon Road network plan Kb
PROJ_P_Travel_Demand_Management__Plan.pdf icon Travel demand management plan Kb

  Transport @ 3.5 Million: Next steps

Transport @ 3.5 Million highlights the mass public transport network; high frequency on-road public transport; major off-road active transport network; freeways and the primary freight network.

There is considerable interest in the more granular elements of the network such as major roads and connectivity between local cycling routes and principal shared paths. In response to this, the Transport portfolio will develop sub-regional transport plans that demonstrate complete alignment with the upcoming finalised Perth and Peel @ 3.5million land use planning frameworks.

In addition to demonstrating alignment, the sub-regional transport plans will facilitate further discussions between State and local government agencies on the design and development of investment proposals.


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