Perth and Peel Transport Plan

Perth and Peel Transport Plan

The State Government has developed a vision for Perth and Peel's future transport network; designed to keep our city moving as we grow.

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Budget (2016-2017)

Our State Budget 2016-17, securing our future

State Aviation Strategy open for public comment

State Aviation Strategy

Supporting the economic and social development of WA through the provision of safe, affordable, efficient and effective aviation services and infrastructure.

Regional Freight Network Plan - image of freight ship in port

Regional Freight Transport Network Plan

An effective regional freight transport network is essential for the long-term development of Western Australia.

Budget (2016/2017)

Read more about: Budget (2016/2017)

Our State Budget 2016-2017, securing our future

Bull Creek digital billboard

Read more about: Bull Creek digital billboard

An independent safety assessment has concluded that the digital LED electronic billboard on Kwinana Freeway at Bull Creek railway station, near Leach Highway, is acceptable from a safety perspective.

Central Area Transport Plan (2025)

Read more about: Central Area Transport Plan (2025)

The Department of Transport is working with our planning partners to develop a future 10 year Transport Strategy for the central metropolitan area which builds off the CBD Transport Plan (2012-2016).

Esperance clean-up and recovery

Read more about: Esperance clean-up and recovery

The Esperance clean-up and recovery project was completed by 2011 and, following a monitoring program to ensure no recontamination was occurring, the project was closed in June 2015.

Ports Governance Review

Read more about: Ports Governance Review

Find out more about the new Vision for Western Australia's ports and why the changes are important.


Read more about: PortLink

PortLink was conceived as a large-scale nation building project to create a more robust State freight network and open up the Goldfields-Esperance, Pilbara and Mid West regions to development opportunities.

Public Transport Plan 2031

Read more about: Public Transport Plan 2031

The Public Transport for Perth in 2031 document is the State Government's vision for improved and expanded public transport in Perth.

Regional Freight Plan

Read more about: Regional Freight Plan

The Western Australian Regional Freight Transport Network Plan is a comprehensive and integrated strategic plan for all modes of freight transport across regional WA.

Perth parking

Read more about: Perth parking

Find out about the Western Australian Government's policy and regulations for parking in central Perth and our wide-ranging plan to improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance safety.

Project approval process

Read more about: Project approval process

The Western Australian Government has introduced a lead agency framework to streamline the approvals processes for both proponent and state initiated transport projects.

State Aviation Strategy

Read more about: State Aviation Strategy

The State Aviation Strategy is aimed at supporting the economic and social development of WA.

Transport @ 3.5 Million

Read more about: Transport @ 3.5 Million

The State Government has developed a vision for Perth's future transport network; designed to keep our city moving as we grow and help Perth to continue to be one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Transport Planning Guidelines

Read more about: Transport Planning Guidelines

Here you will find guidance documents in support of the application of best practice transport solutions in the context of the land use planning and development processes.

WA Bicycle Network Plan

Read more about: WA Bicycle Network Plan

The WABN Plan aims to make WA a place where cycling is safe, connected, and convenient and a widely accepted form of transport.

Projects/Planning publications

Read more about: Projects/Planning publications

In this section you will find publications related to major transport projects and the planning approval process.

Projects/Planning site map

Use this page to help locate key areas of the Projects/Planning site.

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