Charter and RPT services

Charter or Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) services take fare paying passengers, but are not taxis. Find out how to get a licence to operate these services.

04/07/2016: Due to the on-demand transport reforms the Omnibus licence categories of Novelty Tour, Private Taxi, Safari, Shuttle, Small Charter Vehicle, Tour and Charter, and Tourism has been integrated into a new Charter Vehicle licence category.

  • The Department of Transport is no longer accepting applications for the superseded categories.
  • Applications for the new Charter Vehicle licence can be made online via DoT Direct or in person at the Department of Transport's On-demand Transport office.

Further details on what is changing; fact sheets; questions and answers; and subscription to the On-demand Transport Newsletter is available from the On-demand transport reform section.

Charter vehicles


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An omnibus - Charter Vehicle Licence is needed for any passenger motor vehicle used for hire and reward, which is not a taxi, or a Regular Passenger Transport vehicle.

Regular Passenger Transport licence


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A Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) licence is issued for public passenger services conducted on set routes with established pick-up and drop-off points, in accordance with a regular timetable and for which passengers pay an individual predetermined fare.

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