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Information on how the Department of Transport helps regulate the Western Australian taxi industry. Contact On-demand Transport for taxi and charter vehicle enquiries.

  What we do

In its role as industry regulator, the Department:

  • Leases taxi plates.
  • Sets taxi fares.
  • Sets and regulates industry standards, including vehicle safety and customer service standards.
  • Ensures plate conditions such as minimum quotas and operating hours are fulfilled.
  • Registers taxi drivers and issues driver identification (ID).
  • Manages and administers subsidies for the industry and customers including the Taxi Users Subsidy Scheme (TUSS).
  • Acts as a taxi customer advocate and investigates unresolved customer complaints for Western Australians.

  Contact Taxi/Charter

Service Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
Taxi compliance
Regular Passenger Transport (RPT)
Omnibus - Charter Vehicle Licence
20 Brown Street,
East Perth
Western Australia
GPO Box C102,
Western Australia
1300 660 147 (08) 9218 3661 Email

If you have any issues or concerns with regards to Taxis or Charter Vehicles, please forward your concerns to our email address (above).

If you have a hearing or speech impairment contact the National Relay Service on 13 36 77 and quote the relevant On-demand Transport telephone number.

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  Feedback and complaints

If you are unhappy with your taxi driver or the service provided, please contact the taxi company directly. Taxi companies must follow a formal complaints process which is monitored by the Department.


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