Multi-purpose taxis

A multi-purpose taxi (MPT) provides a taxi service for people who travel in wheelchairs or with their scooters.

Multi-purpose taxis overview

A multi-purpose taxi (MPT) provides a taxi service for people who travel in wheelchairs or with their scooters.

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Want to become a MPT driver?

As a MPT driver, you have access to standard taxi fares and group bookings however, your first priority must always be wheelchair work.

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MPT plates

Multi-purpose taxi plates are available for use in both metropolitan and country areas.

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Multi-purpose taxi guidelines

Wheelchair and scooter accessible taxis. How to make sure your ride is safe and comfortable.

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  Register your interest for Adjustment Assistance

You may be eligible for the government's Adjustment Assistance payment if you own one or more of the following metropolitan taxi plate types:

  • Conventional taxi.
  • Multi-purpose taxi.
  • Peak Period restricted taxi.
  • Restricted area taxi.

The Bill to achieve this was introduced in May 2016, with passage through both Houses of Parliament expected by the end of 2016. Once the legislation supporting the payments commences operation, eligible plate owners will be directly advised of the application period and where to access relevant information and forms.

The government's adjustment assistant payment aims to encourage taxi operators to take advantage of the more relaxed operating conditions and to develop their businesses to attract new customers. It is not intended to be a compensation payout as the government is not taking away any right to own a taxi plate or the right to operate a business that is innovative, competitive and resilient.

Register your interest for taxi plate owner Adjustment Assistance


This is a double opt-in process.

  1. Select the register button and complete the form.
  2. Wait for an email and then follow the instructions.

If you do not follow the instructions in the email, your details will not be registered.

If you do not receive an email, please register again and check that your email address is correct.

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