Novelty tour vehicle licences

This group covers vehicles where it is considered that the nature of vehicle means that a transport-experience is provided to the passenger, such as motorbikes and hot rods.

  Novelty tour vehicle licence

A Speciality/Novelty licence is issued to passenger tours and/or charters using specialised novelty vehicles with particular limitations or requirements, such as motorcycles and hot rods.

  • Vehicle licence plates: Red characters on a white background.

  What criteria must be met to gain a novelty vehicle licence?

  • Vehicles should be a novelty vehicle with specialised limitations or requirements.
  • Individual fares should not be charged for charter arrangements.
  • Vehicles shall not operate from taxi ranks or be used to ply for hire or tout on roads or other public places.

  What information will I need to provide in my application?

  • Year, make, model and registration of the vehicle to be licensed.
  • Number of passenger seats.
  • A brief outline of the services you intend to provide.
  • Details of any tours to be provided, including fares and locations of pickups and stops, if touring is the purpose for which the licence is being sought.

When the licence is initially applied for the vehicle must be brought to an Authorised Inspection Station for inspection. See the Driver and Vehicle Services website for the location of your nearest inspection station.

As part of your application, a Vehicle Maintenance Program (VMP) and Fatigue Management Program (FMP) for drivers should be attached.

  Apply for an omnibus licence

To apply for this type of licence, please complete the omnibus licence application form.

Contact us for more information.

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  Electric Personal Transporters (EPT)

An EPT is a vehicle that has one or two wheels, is self-balancing, powered primarily or entirely by an electric motor and designed or set so as not to be capable of a speed exceeding 10km/h.

What is an example of an EPT?

  • A Segway ® is considered an EPT. (see link below)

Can I ride an EPT around my local neighbourhood?

  • No, the use of EPTs on roads or paths is strictly prohibited. Western Australian law enables EPTs to be used as part of a supervised commercial tour, being run by an operator that holds the appropriate approvals.
  • You may use an EPT on private property.

Who can ride an EPT?

  • Riders of EPT must be at least 12 years of age and they can only be ridden during daylight hours as part of a supervised commercial tour.
  • EPT can only be used in areas which have been approved by the Minister for Transport as an 'EPT use area'.

What is involved in being approved to use an EPT as part of a tour?

  • Tour operators should approach the Local Authority where they wish to operate the tour. Local authorities have ultimate responsibility for approving tour operators within their respective areas.
  • Prospective EPT tour operators should check the see what areas and what types of EPT have already been approved by the Minister for Transport.
  • Should the proposed area and/or EPT not be approved, the prospective tour operator must apply to the Minister for Transport to have the EPT and area approved before they can operate the tours.
  • Applications to the Minister should include;
    • Advice from the Local Authority confirming that an approval to operate a tour will be granted, including a detailed map of area(s) where the proposed tours will be permitted to operate by the local authority.
    • Detailed information on the make and model of the EPT sought to be used as part of the tour.
    • Any other advice that the operator wishes to provide in support of their application.


The Minister for Transport will not be responsible for approving the individual tour operators, only the EPT type and the areas in which they will be permitted to be used.

Local Authorities will be responsible for approving the number and nature tour operators within their areas of responsibility.

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