Passenger information and complaints

Safety tips, fares, complaints and things to keep in mind when catching taxis.

How to catch a taxi


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When calling a taxi company, you can either request the next available taxi or that a taxi collects you at a particular time.

Lost property


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If you leave or lose items in a taxi, please contact the relevant taxi company in the first instance.

Plan before you party


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Find out more about planning, consider nominating a skipper, pre-arranging someone to pick you up or catching public transport.

Taxi accessibility


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Not all taxis are suitable for passengers travelling in or with mobility aids (e.g. wheelchairs or scooters).

Taxi complaints


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If you are unhappy with your taxi driver or the service provided, please contact the taxi company directly.

Taxi fares


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This page provides details on all taxi fares and surcharges.

Taxi users' subsidy scheme (TUSS)


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Here you will find information on the Taxi Users' Subsidy Scheme (TUSS) which provides taxi travel at a reduced rate for eligible people.

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