Plan before you party

When you're planning a night out be prepared, and make transport a part of your plan. Consider nominating a skipper, pre-arranging someone to pick you up or catching public transport.
Plan before you party

  Top tips for taking a taxi

Consider requesting a taxi

Requesting a taxi ahead of time can minimise wait time and will improve your chances of arriving at your event on time. Taxi companies may be able to take requests over the phone or online via their websites or phone apps.

Stay safe and comfortable

To make catching a taxi safe and enjoyable for you and your driver, make sure you are:

  • Requesting a taxi from a taxi company registered with the Department of Transport.
  • Presentable and reasonable.
  • Courteous - respect your driver and other taxi patrons.
  • Patient - expect delays at peak times, especially between am and am on Saturdays and Sundays when demand is high.
  • Waiting in a well-lit and populated area where possible.
  • Program a taxi phone number into your mobile phone.
  • Prepared to pay the estimated fare upfront, otherwise the driver doesn't have to take you.

Security personnel

Security personnel staff taxi ranks at:

  • Fremantle: Henderson Street (near the Fremantle Markets).
  • Northbridge: Milligan Street between James Street and Roe Street.
  • Perth: 140 William Street.

Taxi Security Patrol

Additional taxi security patrol officers will operate at various 'hot spots' including Fremantle, Rockingham, and Northbridge on Friday and Saturday nights.

Share a cab with friends

If your friends are travelling in the same direction, share a taxi to save time and money. See Guidelines for the multi-hire of a taxi below.

Taxi fares

Some surcharges may apply during peak periods. Visit our taxi fares and surcharges section for more details.

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  Before you head out to party, plan your ride home

 Mike would soon realise the advances weren't coming from his wife.

Late-night transport options include:

  • Taxis.
  • Trains.
  • Buses.
  • Chartered vehicles.

Alternatively, consider nominating a skipper or pre-arranging someone to pick you up.

Travel safe

The safest way to travel is to plan your journey. Stay with friends where possible, be aware of your surroundings, stay in well-lit and populated areas and tell someone when you're leaving the party.

Also, please be nice to all drivers - they're working hard to make sure you get home.

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  Transperth late night train and bus services

Brad was beginning to regret knocking back the offer...

Late night trains

Transperth train services run every 30 minutes before midnight, then hourly until am on Friday and Saturday nights (technically Saturday and Sunday morning) on all train lines.

In addition to these services, free late night trains will depart Perth and Perth Underground stations on all lines* at am every Friday and Saturday night (technically Saturday and Sunday morning). We recommend you book a taxi or organise a lift home from the station as there will be no connecting buses to meet these services.

* Late night train services will operate on the Armadale, Fremantle, Joondalup, Mandurah and Midland lines. Thornlie passengers will need to book a taxi or organise a lift home from Cannington Station.

Late night buses

Night alight

Transperth operates a Night alight service on all bus routes (excluding special events services) operating after pm each day. Passengers can be dropped off anywhere along the bus route, provided it is safe to do so.

  Need help planning your Transperth transport?

  • Download the Transperth app for up-to-date public transport information.
  • Plan ahead - use the Transperth Journey Planner on the Transperth website or call the InfoLine on 13 62 13.
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  Want a cheap night out?

Put your hand up to be a skipper

Did you know that skippers can get free soft drinks at most venues?

An initiative of the liquor industry and the Road Safety Council, the Skipper Program makes free soft drinks available to designated skippers at participating licensed premises throughout Western Australia.

See the Road Safety Commission website for more information about the Skipper Program.

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  Planning something special?

As Steve reached for the snooze button, he realised the beeps weren't coming from his alarm clock.

Hire a tour or charter vehicle

Tour and charter vehicles provide a guaranteed pre-booked transport option and are a great way to travel in style to that special occasion. Some companies provide mini-buses that provide an economical transport option for large groups.

You need to book tour and charter vehicles in advance. Use the Yellow Pages or your favourite search engine to search for limousine and/or car hire services, or charter and/or tours.

The consumption of BYO liquor in Small Charter Vehicles (SCV) and country charter vehicles/private taxis is allowed under certain conditions stipulated by the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor.

Drunk people or juveniles cannot consume liquor in a vehicle and liquor is not allowed if school students are being transported (this includes school balls). For further information on alcohol consumption in a Small Charter Vehicle, see the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor's policy on Exemptions to the Liquor Control Act 1988 on their website below.

Find out more about passenger transport vehicle services.

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