Taxi accessibility

Not all taxis are suitable for passengers travelling in or with mobility aids (e.g. wheelchairs or scooters).

  Dedicated multi-purpose Taxi (MPT) dispatch service

As part of the Department of Transport's (DoT) commitment to improving outcomes for taxi passengers travelling with wheelchairs, DoT has appointed Black and White Cabs as the new dedicated Multi-purpose Taxi (MPT) dispatch service for the delivery of MPT services in the Perth metropolitan area.

This follows a review by DoT of MPT services as part of the ongoing work with stakeholders in the disability sector on behalf of taxi passengers travelling in wheelchairs.

The dedicated MPT dispatch service will require affiliated drivers to work under a model whereby a service is provided to fulfil all bookings, eliminating the current lack of availability and reducing the long wait times that can occur even with an advanced booking.

Drivers who currently offer a direct service with a regular MPT passenger will be able to continue to provide this service under the new dedicated MPT dispatch service model. All that is required is that the driver logs the service request with the appointed MPT Dispatch Service provider. Only jobs that are logged through the new MPT dispatch service will receive the Service Co-payment fee (previously known as the lifting fee).

For more information please refer to the below frequently asked questions for MPT passengers and drivers as well as the MPT dispatch service Information Brochure. Once DoT has finalised all of the operational requirements and effective start date of the new dedicated MPT dispatch service, details will be communicated here. This will include updates on how to contact the new MPT dispatch service and book a service request.

DoT is committed to continuous improvement in the area of accessible and safe on-demand transport services.

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  Multi-purpose taxis

Not all taxis are suitable for passengers travelling in or with mobility aids (e.g. wheelchairs or scooters). For passengers travelling in or with mobility aids the two types of taxi vehicles available to assist in these scenarios include:

  • Multi-purpose taxis (MPT).
  • London taxis (purpose-built taxi trial).

  About multi-purpose taxis and how to book

A driver assisting a passenger to board a multi-purpose taxi.

MPT are suitable for all mobility, cognitive and vision impaired passengers. This includes passengers travelling in wheelchairs and scooters.

While the major taxi companies in the Perth metropolitan area operate MPTs, the specialist service provider is 13MAXI. A MPT can be booked through the following contacts:

  • 13 62 94 - 13MAXI.
  • 13 10 08 - Black and White Taxis.
  • 13 13 30 - Swans Taxis.

Make sure you advise the operator of any special requirements such as wheelchair access, scooter use or child restraints assistance with luggage.

Fare subsidies are available for people who have a severe disability that prevents them using a conventional public transport bus service

  About London taxis and how to book

A London-style taxi parked near the Swan River, Perth.

The Department of Transport (DoT) is currently conducting a 4 year trial of Purpose-built Taxis (London taxis) in the Perth Control Area. The trial will measure the relative merits of Purpose-Built Taxis in comparison to other vehicle types.

The London taxi is not suitable for passengers travelling in a wheelchair or scooter who are not able to independently transfer into or out of the taxi. To be able to independently transfer you need to be able to stand.

The London taxi has built-in features to assist mobility impaired passengers who are able to self-transfer who are vision, hearing or mobility impaired. Alternatively, you might have recently undergone a hip or knee replacement, suffer from arthritis or simply do not move as easily as you used to.

For further information please see the London taxi access features document.

ODT_P_LondonTaxiAccessFeatures.pdf icon London taxi access features Kb

How do I make a London taxi booking or provide feedback?

Please contact 13 LCAB.

Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
PO Box 184
Belmont WA 6984
13 52 22 Email
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  Multi-purpose taxi passenger and driver responsibilities

  1. To allow us to transport you safely.
    • Your wheelchair should be capable of being restrained correctly.
    • Your lap tray should be removed during transit.
    • You should allow the driver to use an approved lap belt to secure you.
  2. Treat the driver with respect.
    • Be courteous.
    • Accept that he/she has a job to do which is sometimes difficult.
    • Pay the appropriate fare.
taxis_guideline.pdf icon Multi Purpose Taxi (MPT): Driver guidelines Kb
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