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Transition Assistance Package

Transition Assistance Package

The Government has committed to a $27.5 million Transition Assistance Package which has been allocated for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the reforms.

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Information for new On-demand Transport Drivers

In Western Australia, both the driver and the vehicle that is being used for on demand transport work must have the appropriate authorisations from the Department of Transport.

[Expression of Interest for current Government Taxi Lease Plates.

Expression of Interest for current Government Taxi Lease Plates

The Department of Transport is seeking applications from current lessees of government taxi lease plates whose lease will expire in 2017.

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Transport reforms to benefit customers

Customers win with safe, flexible and innovative services made available.

Western Australia's taxi, tour and charter vehicle industry is regulated by the Department of Transport.

Passenger information and complaints

Read more about: Passenger information and complaints

Passenger information including safety tips, fares, complaints and things to keep in mind when catching taxis.

On-demand transport reform

Read more about: On-demand transport reform

On-demand transport reforms will create a simpler environment for the industry while reducing red tape.

Taxi operator information

Read more about: Taxi operator information

Here you will find taxi operator information including taxi plates, licence, code of conduct, camera surveillance and more.

General information and updates

Read more about: General information and updates

Important information for all taxi drivers and charter vehicle operators including online tools, fees and statistics.

Charter and RPT services

Read more about: Charter and RPT services

Charter and Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) services take fare paying passengers, but are not taxis. Find out how to get a licence to operate these services.

Taxi Industry Board


Read more about: Taxi Industry Board

The Taxi Industry Board was a statutory body with an objective to provide a considered and singular view for consideration by the Minister for Transport.

Taxi and charter forms and publications


Read more about: Taxi and charter forms and publications

Here you will find forms and publications available relating to taxi and charter services in Western Australia.

Contact Taxi/Charter


Read more about: Contact Taxi/Charter

Information on how the Department of Transport helps regulate the Western Australian taxi industry. Contact On-demand Transport for taxi and charter vehicle enquiries.

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