Taxi operator information

Here you will find taxi operator information including taxi plates, licence, code of conduct, camera surveillance and more.

Information for new On-demand Transport Drivers

In Western Australia, both the driver and the vehicle that is being used for on demand transport work must have the appropriate authorisations from the Department of Transport.

Buying and selling taxi plates


Read more about: Buying and selling taxi plates

Find out all you need to know about buying and selling taxi plates.

Camera surveillance


Read more about: Camera surveillance

Every taxi licensed to operate in the Perth metropolitan area must have a Taxi Camera Surveillance Unit (TCSU).

Conventional taxis


Read more about: Conventional taxis

Conventional taxis are standard taxis that operate without restrictions.

Country taxi licences


Read more about: Country taxi licences

This page provides important information about country taxi licences.

Fare evasion


Read more about: Fare evasion

Passengers who take a trip in a taxi and do not pay the fare are breaking the Taxi Regulations and can result in penalties.

Finding work


Read more about: Finding work

There are numerous ways to establish employment in the Perth taxi industry. Find out details on who will be able to assist you in finding work.

Leasing taxi plates


Read more about: Leasing taxi plates

Find out about the four types of taxi plates available for lease in the metropolitan area. Here you will also find Bpoint, which enables Taxi Drivers to pay invoices on-line.

Multi-purpose taxis


Read more about: Multi-purpose taxis

A multi-purpose taxi (MPT) provides a taxi service for people who travel in wheelchairs or scooters.

Peak-period taxis


Read more about: Peak-period taxis

Peak-period restricted taxis may operate during specific times of high demand.

Restricted-area taxis


Read more about: Restricted-area taxis

Restricted-area taxis may accept fares to anywhere in the metropolitan area but must return immediately to their restricted-area after completing the fare.

Taxi driver code of conduct


Read more about: Taxi driver code of conduct

To encourage passengers to want to keep using taxis, all taxi drivers must provide good customer service and conduct themselves in a way that makes passengers comfortable and at ease.

Transfer interstate taxi driver's licence


Read more about: Transfer interstate taxi driver's licence

Find out what you need to do in order to apply for a metropolitan T (Taxi) extension on your licence.

Western Australian taxi drivers


Read more about: Western Australian taxi drivers

Want to become a Western Australian taxi driver?

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