Changes for customers

This year, new laws will make the on-demand transport industry safer. This includes taxis, limos, rides booked through apps and charter bus services. With these new laws in place, everybody in WA will have a greater choice of modern services.

Mobile phone and taxi

The Government is implementing some important changes to the legislation governing the on-demand transport industry. These changes to WAs on-demand transport industry will give passengers more choice and easier access to safer services.

  What are the new changes?

The new laws will ensure all on-demand booking services (such as taxi or ride-share companies) are authorised and have met the requirements to operate safely. Youll know this because from July 2019, authorised vehicles will have to display visible signage. You will also be able to see a list of all authorised booking services on this website from mid-March 2019.

From July 2019, charter vehicles can choose to install cameras for added security. For your safety, its important to only enter the vehicle if the driver and vehicle match your booking details.

  What rights do I have when I use on-demand transport services?

Under the new laws, passengers will continue to have the right to:

  • receive an estimated fare amount for a pre-booked service;
  • be charged the correct fare, receive the correct change and get a receipt if you request one; and
  • travel with a booking service that is authorised, in a vehicle that is roadworthy and with a driver who is authorised.

  What accessible on-demand transport options do I have?

People with disability have the right to accessible transport options. If you travel with a wheelchair, multi-purpose on-demand vehicles are equipped with hoists and/or ramps that meet specific safety standards and access requirements.

Tactile signage is required for taxi vehicles, to ensure that people with vision impairment can identify the taxi they are travelling in.

If you are accompanied by a Guide Dog, a driver cannot refuse to accept the animal.

The existing Taxi User Subsidy Scheme remains an option for people with disability who meet certain eligibility requirements.

For further information, visit Transport for people with a disability.

  Authorised on-demand booking services

Under the Transport (Road Passenger Services) Act 2018, all On-demand Booking Services (ODBS) must be authorised. It is important to only take trips through an authorised ODBS to ensure your safety.

To search for an authorised ODBS, enter the business name or authorisation number.

Trips must be booked directly with the authorised ODBS.

Please note that this search service is provided as a guide to the authorisation status of a relevant booking service at the time of the check.  It is, however, not conclusive proof that a booking service holds an authorisation.  If you are concerned about the status of an authorisation after using this service, you can contact On-demand Transport.

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