Changes for On-demand Booking Services

As of Monday 1 April 2019, all individuals and/or businesses that take bookings for an on-demand trip from a customer and arrange a driver and vehicle to service that trip will be required to be authorised as an On-demand Booking Service (ODBS).

  What is a booking service?

An OBDS is:

  • A provider who takes or communicates passenger requests for an on-demand trip and connects the customer with a driver; or
  • A driver who makes arrangements directly with the passenger for an on-demand trip.

Some examples of booking services include:

  • ride-sourcing companies that take bookings via an app;
  • taxi dispatch services;
  • taxis doing rank or hail work or private bookings;
  • individuals or companies that take bookings for premium charter vehicles;
  • individuals or companies that takes bookings for bus charters;
  • limousine operators taking bookings for school balls or other occasions; and
  • tourism operators that offer bespoke tours (including regional areas) where the customer determines the itinerary and times.

Further information can be found at On-demand booking services.

ODT_FS_ODTReform_WhatisODBookingService.pdf icon What is an on-demand booking service? (Fact sheet) Kb

  New responsibilities (On-demand Booking Services)

Under the Transport (Road Passenger Services) Act 2018, booking services have defined responsibilities regarding the following:

  • Safety management
  • Record keeping
  • Complaints handling
  • Reporting notifiable occurrences
  • Setting fares

Visit Responsibilities for authorised booking services for full details of these responsibilities.


  Authorisation process

An ODBS authorisation will allow a booking service to operate state-wide and will be valid for 12 months.

Applications for authorisation can only be made online via DoTDirect.

Visit Become an authorised on-demand booking service for full details about how to apply, including a detailed User Guide, how to get a DoTDirect account for your business and other resources to assist you to apply for authorisation.


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