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Changes for passenger transport drivers

The on-demand transport reform is bringing important changes for drivers.

  What is changing?

In July 2020, Passenger Transport Driver (PTD) authorisations will be introduced Ė these replace F and T driverís licence extensions that permit someone to drive for hire or reward. 

A PTD authorisation is an annual authorisation that must be renewed every year. An F/T extension is currently issued with no expiry date and remains valid, provided that the holder continues to meet the fit and proper requirements.

A PTD authorisation is not specific to a type of passenger transport, unlike F (charter and bus) or T (taxi) extensions. It enables you to drive any passenger transport vehicle relevant to the licence class on your driverís licence.

  Do I need a PTD authorisation?

If you are driving for hire or reward then you need a PTD authorisation. This includes driving a taxi, rideshare vehicle, charter bus or regular passenger transport vehicle (such as a PTA bus).

Visit What is on-demand transport? to find out whether you are driving for hire or reward.

  Who is eligible for a PTD authorisation?

You can apply for a PTD authorisation if you: 

  • are aged 20 years old or more; and 
  • hold a current and valid WA drivers licence; or
  • have held a driverís licence, or the equivalent driving authorisation from another jurisdiction for a period of three (3) years; and
  • have not been disqualified from holding or obtaining a PTD authorisation.

  When do I need a PTD authorisation?

If you do not hold an F or T extension already, you must apply for a PTD authorisation before you start driving a passenger transport vehicle for hire or reward. 

There will be a 12 month transition period when PTD authorisations are introduced in July 2020. If you currently hold an F or T extension, you must apply for and have a PTD authorisation granted by the end of this period.

If you donít do this, you will no longer be authorised to drive a passenger transport vehicle Ė apply early to ensure you are authorised. 

During the transition period, the authorisation to drive a passenger transport vehicle for hire or reward comprises:

  • F extension;
  • T extension; and
  • PTD authorisation.

  How much does a PTD authorisation cost?

There are two costs associated with a PTD authorisation:

  • an initial $28 application fee, when a driver first applies for a PTD authorisation; and
  • an annual $88 authorisation fee. 

The $28 application fee is only payable when the driver first applies for PTD authorisation; if they renew their authorisation before it expires they will only need to pay the $88 annual authorisation fee in subsequent years. 

If a driver does not renew their PTD authorisation by the renewal date and allows it to lapse, they will need to pay the application and authorisation fees to apply for a new PTD authorisation. 

The annual PTD authorisation fee will recover the cost of the ongoing monitoring of driversí suitability to drive a vehicle for hire or reward Ė previously this cost has been covered by the taxpayer. 

DoT share data with the WA Police and Department of Justice to monitor convictions and charges against F and T extension holders. Until now, DoT has not sought to recover this cost. With the introduction of PTD authorisations, the cost of maintaining public safety will be met by the passenger transport industry.

PTD authorisation fee waiver

If you are an existing F or T extension holder and apply for a PTD authorisation in the first four months, you will be exempt from paying the first yearís authorisation fee (the $28 application fee will still apply). Applications received after this date will need to pay the full authorisation and application fees.

  Why won't my F or T extension be automatically transitioned?

New rules for the passenger transport industry that will come into effect in mid-2020 will set criteria for a person to be granted a PTD authorisation that are different to that of an F/T extension. This includes a number of criminal offences that will automatically disqualify a person from being able to hold a PTD, either permanently or for periods of up to one, five or ten years. 

All current F/T extension holders will therefore need to be re-assessed against these driver disqualification offences, as part of a new application for PTD authorisation.


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