On-demand transport compliance checks

Find out about compliance checks and procedures, including what to expect from cautions, infringements and defect notices.

  Education and Compliance

Code of conduct

Department of Transport Compliance Officers are bound by our Code of Conduct and are required to behave professionally, and remain approachable and courteous at all times.

If you have concerns regarding the behaviour of a Compliance Officer, you can complete the General feedback, compliments and complaints online form.

Vehicle stops

Department of Transport Compliance Officers have powers under relevant legislation to stop a vehicle in the course of their duties. This includes:

  • Taxi Act 1994
  • Transport Co-ordination Act 1966
  • Road Traffic (Administration) Regulations 2014

Compliance Officers will typically use special vehicles marked by the colour magenta.

If you notice a compliance vehicle signalling you to stop with flashing lights or a siren, pull over cautiously at the safest opportunity.

Opens in a new window Department of Justice: Road Traffic (Administration) Regulations 2014
External Link Department of Justice: Taxi Act 1994


In some instances, a Compliance Officer may issue a formal enforcement action. This may include:

  • Improvement notices;
  • Suspension and cancellation of authorisation;
  •  Infringements;
  • Prosecutions; or
  • Defect notice.

Such penalties will be considered as background information should further offences occur.

It is recommended that all members of the passenger transport industry familiarise themselves with the Act and Regulations.

Improvement notices

An improvement notice is a formal notice issued when a person contravenes a provision of the Act. The improvement notice requires the person to:

  • remedy the contravention;
  • prevent the contravention from reoccurring; or
  • fix the issues that are causing the contravention.


Infringements and their penalties are controlled by the relevant legislation and have a legal monetary component.

If you receive an infringement, you can choose to:

  • Pay the penalty.
  • Appeal the penalty.
  • Choose for the matter to be heard in Court.


In more serious matters where legal action is warranted, a court will decide if the defendant is guilty or not guilty and apply appropriate consequences.

Refer to your Infringement Notice for more details, or download the Department of Transport's Enforcement and Prosecution Policy for more information.

Defect notices

There are currently two types of defect notices that Compliance Officers may issue to operators, if their vehicle does not meet standards. They include:

  1. Taxi defect notices issued for vehicle issues that are non-safety related.
  2. Road Traffic Defect Notices (Yellow Sticker).
About_P_EnforcementProsecutionPolicy.pdf icon Enforcement and prosecution policy Kb

  Audits and officer identification

Auditing procedures

With prior notice to industry operators, Compliance Officers will attend and perform audits to ensure they are meeting their licence obligations.

A secondary aim of Compliance Officers is to ensure operators have the appropriate strategies to ensure all drivers and vehicles are licensed correctly.

When conducting an audit, Compliance Offices will check the following:

  • What fatigue and vehicle management plan an operator has in place.
  • What checks and balances are in place to ensure driver qualification.
  • Who undertakes the repairs of the defect.
  • How safety issues are documented and how they are prioritised.

Officer identification

Compliance Officers are required to carry authorisation cards whenever acting in an official compliance capacity and produce such authorisation upon request.

The cards outline what legislation they are authorised under and their name, alongside a photograph of the officer.

Compliance Officers authorised under multiple pieces of legislation may carry more than one card.

Accessing taxi camera recordings

Department of Transport Compliance Officers and WA Police Officers have the authority to access Taxi Camera Surveillance Unit recordings (TCSU) from Metropolitan Taxis.


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