On-demand transport licences

Find out about licensing requirements for on- demand transport vehicles. Information on insurance requirements, including Motor Injury Insurance, is also provided here.

  Licence conditions and requirements

A vehicle used to carry fare paying passengers must:

  • Have the correct vehicle licence.
  • Have the correct insurance class applied.
  • Have mandatory equipment fitted (taxis only).
  • Comply with operating conditions.

  Types of vehicle licences

There are three (3) types of on demand vehicle licences:

  • Taxi licence.
  • Charter vehicle licence.
  • Regular passenger transport vehicle licence.


Taxis in Western Australia operate under two separate pieces of legislation for metropolitan and regional taxis. The fleet of metropolitan taxi plates are regulated under the Taxi Act 1994 and as such the issuing of taxi plates are regulated by legislation. Taxi plates are split into two types, owned (private) and Government (lease). There are currently no metropolitan Government lease taxi plates available in the Perth Metropolitan area.

Regional (including Peel) taxis operate as a licence under several pieces of legislation not limited to the Transport Coordination Act 1966. If you intend to purchase a regional taxi licence please visit the Transferring a country taxi car licence page for more information.

The taxi industry is undergoing significant reform. Please visit the On-demand transport reform section for further information.

Charter vehicle licence applications

A charter vehicle licence is needed for any passenger motor vehicle used for hire and reward, which is not a taxi or a regular passenger transport vehicle e.g. a shuttle bus. Visit the Charter vehicle licence page for full details on how to apply.

Regular passenger transport licence applications

A Regular Passenger Transport licence is issued for vehicles where public passenger services are conducted on set routes, with established pick-up and drop-off points, in accordance with a regular timetable and for which passengers pay an individual predetermined fare.

To apply for a Regular Passenger Transport licence, please complete and submit the following:

  1. Application form.
  2. Statutory declaration.
  3. A strong business case outlining the service to be provided and the expected benefits to consumers (refer to policy).
ODT_F_ODT13_AppOmnibus_RPTLic.pdf icon Application for an omnibus: Regular Passenger Transport licence (Form ODT13) Kb
ODT_F_ODT06_Confirmation_Vehicle_Financial_Interest_Agreement.pdf icon Confirmation of vehicle financial agreement (Form ODT6) Kb
LBU_F_VL_SD_E67_DecMotorInjuryInsurance.pdf icon Declaration of Motor Injury Insurance Class (Form E67) Kb
taxis_RegularPassengerTransportRPTLicencePolicy.pdf icon Omnibus: Regular Passenger Transport vehicle licence policy Kb

  Insurance requirements

There are two types of insurances required, that provide support where an injury is sustained in a motor vehicle accident:

  • Compulsory third party insurance.
  • Motor injury insurance.

Important note: If you wish to have insurance cover for the cost of damage to vehicles and property, you need to have separate vehicle insurance with a private insurance company.

Compulsory third party insurance

Compulsory third party insurance is automatically applied when you licence a vehicle.

Motor injury insurance

Motor injury insurance is an expanded insurance cover, that provides treatment, care and support if you are catastrophically injured in a vehicle crash, irrespective of whether another driver is found at fault in the crash.

Any vehicles used to carry passengers for hire and reward must have the correct class of Motor Injury Insurance (MII) recorded against its registration. This is defined by the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA).

A declaration of vehicle motor injury insurance class must be submitted to the Department of Transport.

For full details visit the Fees, rates and insurance page.

Opens in a new window Insurance Commission of Western Australia

  Mandatory equipment and modifications

Refer to On-demand transport modifications/equipment for information on mandatory taxi equipment, modifying a vehicle e.g. multi-purpose taxi and optional fittings.

  Sample operating conditions

Passenger transport service companies (including on-demand booking services) are required by law, to keep records of their operations. Find out about operating conditions and your responsibilities here. Sample operating conditions are also available.

Sample operating conditions

For information on the operating conditions of taxis, country taxi-cars, charter (omnibus) or RPT (omnibus), refer to the links below.

ODT_P_Country_Taxi_conditions_generic.pdf icon Country taxi-car licence operating conditions (generic) Kb
ODT_P_MPT_PlateOpCond_Leased_Sample.pdf icon Taxi plate operating conditions, Multi-Purpose Taxi leased (sample) Kb
ODT_F_App_NomVehicleDisplayTaxiPlatesODT11.pdf icon Nomination of vehicle to display taxi plates (Form ODT11) Kb
ODT_P_OmnibusCharterVehicleLicencePolicy.pdf icon Omnibus: Charter vehicle licence policy Kb
ODT_P_Sample_Omnibus_Licence_Notice_Account.pdf icon Omnibus licence and account: Charter vehicle - Operating conditions (sample) Kb
taxis_RegularPassengerTransportRPTLicencePolicy.pdf icon Omnibus: Regular Passenger Transport vehicle licence policy Kb
ODT_P_RecordKeepingTemplateCharterTaxiVeh.xlsx icon Record keeping template: Charter and Taxi vehicles Kb
ODT_P_RPT_Omnibus_Licence_Conditions_Sample.pdf icon Regular Passenger Transport licence conditions (sample) Kb
ODT_P_Sched1_MetroTaxiVehicleStandards_X_PBT_MPT_.pdf icon Schedule 1: Metropolitan Taxi Vehicle Standards (Except PBT and MPT) Kb
ODT_P_Sched2_PurposeBuiltTaxiVehicleStandards_PBT.pdf icon Schedule 2: Purpose-built Taxi Vehicle Standards (PBT) Kb
ODT_P_Sched3MaxLeaseRates.pdf icon Schedule 3: Taxi plate operating conditions - Maximum lease rates for metropolitan taxis Kb
ODT_TaxiPlateOpCond_GovtLease_sample.pdf icon Taxi plate operating conditions: Government lease (sample) Kb
ODT_P_MPT_PlateOpCond_Owned_Sample.pdf icon Taxi plate operating conditions, Multi-Purpose Taxi owned (sample) Kb
ODT_TaxiPlateOpCond_Owned_sample.pdf icon Taxi plate operating conditions: Owned plates (sample) Kb

  Vehicle licensing fees and payments

Refer to the On-demand transport fees and charges page.

  Vehicle examinations

To find out about your obligations to get your vehicle examined, including associated costs and locations, refer to On-demand transport maintenance/standards.

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