On-demand transport maintenance / standards

Find out about maintaining your on-demand transport vehicle, safety standards, as well as seats, seatbelts and child restraint laws.

  Age of vehicle

While there is no maximum age limit on vehicles that can be licensed as a charter vehicle, it is recommended that standard, modified or stretched vehicles being used to carry fare paying passengers be no more than ten (10) years old.

  National Australian Design Rules

The Australian Design Rules set out the national design standards for vehicle safety and emissions that all vehicles must comply with. Compliance of vehicles with respect to these standards is ascertained by the Department of Transport's Vehicle Safety Branch.

Requirements for charter (omnibus) or RPT (omnibus) vehicles designed for hire and award

All charter or RPT (omnibus) vehicles designed and constructed for hire and reward must comply with the Australian Design Rule (ADR) 58/00 - Requirements for charter or RPT (omnibus) vehicles designed for hire and reward.

External Link Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities: Australian Design Rules
External Link Federal Register of Legislation: Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 58/00 - Requirements for Omnibuses Designed for Hire and Reward) 2006

  National vehicle safety standards

Modern vehicles designed for the primary purpose of carrying passengers, have improved design and additional safety features that support the driver in maintaining proper road position and protect occupants from serious injury in the event of a collision.

Information regarding national vehicle safety standards and the collision avoidance capabilities of modern vehicles is listed below.

Opens in a new window Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP)
External Link howsafeisyourcar.com.au

  Vehicle inspections

The safety of drivers and their passengers is a Department of Transport priority. All taxis, charter and regular passenger transport vehicles must be maintained to a fit and serviceable state and pass a visual and mechanical inspection.

Vehicle inspections are carried out upon application for a vehicle licence and every twelve (12) months thereafter.

Refer to the Licensing section for information on how to get a vehicle inspected, including locations and fees.

Approved users can login to the Vehicle Inspection System below.

Vehicle Inspection System (VIS)

  Vehicle maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle ensures it is safe for you and your passengers, as well as road users. Regular maintenance also helps your vehicle run more efficiently.

Maintaining your vehicle to the manufacturer's specifications is a requirement of your taxi or charter or RPT (omnibus) licence. In addition to annual vehicle inspections, operators may be audited by the Department of Transport.

Visit the vehicle maintenance checklist page for useful information or use the following document to assist you in managing vehicle maintenance.

ODT_P_Guide_VehMaintFatigueMgmt.pdf icon Vehicle maintenance fatigue management program Kb

  More information and contacts

The Vehicle safety and standards page provides vehicle standard bulletins, including those related to installation of additional seats.

For assistance in licensing non-standard, modified or stretched vehicles please contact us.


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