On-demand transport modifications / equipment

Find out about vehicle modifications, fittings and mandatory equipment for on-demand transport vehicles (including taxi, charter and regular transport passenger vehicles).

  Approval of modifications, equipment and fittings

All vehicle modifications, equipment and fittings must be approved by the Department of Transport and comply with applicable standards e.g. Australian Design Standards.

Non-standard and modified vehicles will require an inspection before the vehicle can be licensed. Refer to the Licensing section for information on how to get a vehicle inspected, including applicable fees.

Please note that some inspection stations are unable to inspect charter vehicles.

ODT_F_MPTVehModGrantApp.pdf icon Multi-Purpose Taxi (MPT) vehicle modification grant (application) Kb
External Link Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities: Australian Design Rules

  Mandatory taxi equipment and fittings (meter, camera and signage)

To ensure the safety of drivers and passengers, the Department of Transport requires all taxis be fitted with:

  • Meters.
  • Surveillance camera units (Perth metropolitan taxis only).
  • Exterior signage.
  • Interior signage.

Further details are provided below.


All vehicles must be equipped with a meter with a current Registered Meter Mechanics Inspection advice card. The card will be provided to you by the installer.

Taxi camera surveillance unit

Every taxi licensed in the Perth metropolitan area must have a Taxi Camera Surveillance Unit (TCSU) installed. The unit must comply with TCSU standards and be approved by the

Department of Transport. For detailed information please refer to the Taxi camera surveillance units page.

Exterior signage

Exterior signage for all vehicles

All vehicles must display:

  • Must display an illuminated roof sign towards the front of the vehicle that indicates it is a taxi, cab or similar in branding to the Taxi Dispatch Service;
  • A roof light to indicate that the taxi is available.
  • Legible exterior signs that show:
    • Any applicable minimum fare or flagfall.
    • Any applicable distance and/or time rate.
  • Tactile signage for vision-impaired people (see below).

Exterior signage for peak period taxis

Peak period taxis must display:

  • Clearly visible signs on the exterior passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Clearly visible signs on the rear exterior of the vehicle.

The lettering on all signage must be of at least 50 mm high and state, 'Peak Period Taxi.'

Exterior signage for area restricted taxis

Area restricted taxis must display:

  • Clearly visible signs on the exterior of the passenger doors.
  • Clearly visible signs on the rear exterior of the taxi identifying the restricted area in which the vehicle may operate.
  • Exterior signs identifying hiring restrictions when operating outside of the restricted area.

Interior signage

All vehicles must display:

  • Interior signs which are legible and visible to customers.
  • The fare schedule showing all fare components and any available discounts.
  • Signs or messages in the passenger compartment of the taxi.

  Tactile signage for vision-impaired people

Image of taxi ID plate
Image of taxi ID plate

It is a Commonwealth Government requirement that vision-impaired people must be able to identify the taxi they are travelling in, to confirm it is a registered vehicle.

Raised taxi registration numbers must be placed on the exterior passenger doors of the taxi, forward of the handle (as pictured below).

For further information, please visit the Transporting people with a disability page.

  Optional equipment for driver safety

Optional equipment such as driver protection screens can be installed, provided certain criteria and standards are met.

  Multi-purpose taxi (modifications for people in a wheelchair)

A multi-purpose taxi (MPT) is a taxi that is capable of carrying passengers who must remain seated in a wheelchair throughout the journey.

To obtain a MPT licence, the vehicle must comply with the specifications outlined in the document below. A checklist is also provided to assist owners on how to choose vehicles modifications and fittings that comply with the specifications.

ODT_MPT_Sched1_VehFittingSpec.pdf icon Schedule 1: Multi-purpose taxi vehicle and fitting specifications Kb
ODT_P_MPT_vehicle_standards_appendixA.pdf icon Multi Purpose Taxi (MPT): Vehicle and fitting specifications - Appendix A Kb
ODT_P_MPT_Vehicle_fitting_specifications_APPENDIX_B.pdf icon Multi Purpose Taxi (MPT): Vehicle and fitting specifications - Appendix B Kb


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