On-demand transport modifications / equipment

Find out about vehicle modifications, fittings and mandatory equipment for on-demand transport vehicles (including taxi, charter and regular transport passenger vehicles).

Please note this information will change from 2 July 2019 with the implementation of the next set of regulations under the Transport (Road Passenger Services) Act 2018.

  Approval of modifications, equipment and fittings

All vehicle modifications, equipment and fittings must be approved by the Department of Transport and comply with applicable standards e.g. Australian Design Standards.

Non-standard and modified vehicles will require an inspection before the vehicle can be licensed. Refer to the Licensing section for information on how to get a vehicle inspected, including applicable fees.

Please note that some inspection stations are unable to inspect charter vehicles.

External Link Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities: Australian Design Rules

  Mandatory equipment for passenger transport vehicles (PTVs)

Fom 2 July 2019, all taxi plates, country taxi-car, regular passenger transport and charter vehicle licences will be replaced by a single Passenger Transport Vehicle (PTV) authorisation, with four categories of service:

  • On-demand rank or hail (OD-RH) (taxi);
  • On-demand charter (OD-C);
  • Tourism passenger transport (TPT); and
  • Regular passenger transport (RPT).

More information regarding mandatory equipment for PTVs will be available soon.

  Raised lettering for vision-impaired people

Image of taxi ID plate
Image of taxi ID plate

It is a Commonwealth Government requirement that vision-impaired people must be able to identify the taxi they are travelling in, to confirm it is a registered vehicle.

Raised taxi registration numbers must be placed on the exterior passenger doors of the taxi, forward of the handle (as pictured below).

For further information, please visit the Transporting people with a disability page.

  Optional equipment for driver safety

Optional equipment such as driver protection screens can be installed, provided certain criteria and standards are met.

  Multi-purpose taxi (modifications for people in a wheelchair)

Owners of suitable on-demand rank or hail (taxi) vehicles may be eligible for a Vehicle Modification Grant to contribute to the cost of purchase and installation of an appropriate wheelchair hoist and restraints.

More information on grant eligibility and the application process will be available following the introduction of the new Passenger Transport Vehicle (PTV) authorisations in July 2019.


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