Taxi camera surveillance units

Taxi Camera Surveillance Units (TCSUs) are mandatory for taxis in the Perth metropolitan area. Find out about applicable standards and approved suppliers and installers.

  Application of the Taxi Camera Surveillance Unit (TCSU) standard

Effective from 30 September, 2017, this standard covers all vehicles operating as taxis in the Taxi Control Area under the Taxi Act 1994 (generally known as the Perth Metropolitan Area).

This statement, together with the standards outlined in Taxi Camera Surveillance Unit Standard 2017, replaces the standards previously released by the department (DoT) in 2011.

Any taxi camera surveillance unit (TCSU) that complies with the standards set in 2011 can continue to be used provided it is in full working order and has not been modified in any way. It is not necessary to upgrade it to meet the new 2017 standard.

ODT_TCSU_standard2017.pdf icon Taxi Camera Surveillance Unit Standard 2017 Kb

  General TCSU requirements

The requirements below are based on Taxi Regulations 13B through 13H and a proper reading of these regulations is recommended to avoid any misunderstandings.

  1. The TCSU must be one which has been approved by the DoT (a list of approved models appears below).
  2. The TCSU must be installed by an installer approved to do so by the DoT (list below)
  3. The approved installer must provide the taxi operator with a certificate to the effect that the camera has been properly installed and is in full working order.
  4. An approved sign to the effect that the vehicle carries a TCSU should be clearly displayed on the exterior of the vehicle
  5. The vehicle must be inspected, tested and passed by the DoT vehicle inspection unit (see below).
  6. When the taxi is being operated as a taxi, the driver should ensure the camera is operational at all times.
  7. The TCSU must not be damaged, accessed or tampered with in any way.
  8. When required to do so by a person Authorised by the Department the owner or operator of the vehicle must present the vehicle and TCSU for inspection and/or data download at a place and time as directed.
  9. The TCSUs memory/data storage must only be accessed by a person authorised to do so by the DoT.
  10. Security camera surveillance system installations should be registered with the WA Police State CCTV Register.
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  Brief description of suitable TCSU models

  • Camera systems approved under the Taxi Camera System Standards 2011.
  • Camera systems installed in taxis prior to 30 September 2017.
  • The 2017 'functional standards' include:
    • The system must 'power up' within 30 seconds of ignition being on.
    • It must remain operational for 30 minutes after ignition is off.
    • It must be self-checking and have an 'on' indicator.
    • It must record and store images at no less than 5 frames per second.
    • The images must be high quality.
    • It must store images (with meta data) for a minimum of 288 hours.
    • It must record voices in the taxi cabin.
    • It must have strong security /anti -tamper devices such as encryption.
    • It must have a network capability to allow remote access and download.
    • It must have 24/ 7 technical support from the manufacturer.
  • External cameras are no longer a requirement in the new TCSU models. However, when fitting an older system to another vehicle it must be complete as originally approved i.e. the external cameras must be fitted.
  • So-called 'Dash Cam' systems are not suitable.
  • Further details can be found in Taxi Camera Surveillance Unit Device Standard 2017.

Before selecting a specific TCSU model, operators are advised to contact other industry stakeholders, such as taxi dispatch service providers or taxi management companies, who may already have experience of the TCSU models under consideration.

The DoT evaluates applications from TCSU suppliers for approval of their TCSU systems under the DoT 2017 Taxi Camera System Standards. Once approved, these models are published below.

ODT_TCSU_standard2017.pdf icon Taxi Camera Surveillance Unit Standard 2017 Kb

  How to submit your TCSU system for approval (manufacturers/suppliers)

Applications for the approval of new system types for use in the WA taxi market are encouraged. Suppliers who would like to market their product for use in WA taxis should first contact On-demand Transport.

Applications will need to be submitted along with:

  • A sample device with all related equipment to enable testing.
  • Instructional materials for the driver and the download operator.
  • Installation components and instructions.
  • Any items of equipment and software required to access recordings on the test device.

Day/night testing footage recorded on camera's memory for testing and download

You may be asked to provide access to a test device installed in a vehicle for testing also.

Applications received will go through an assessment process which may include:

  • Running the system over the minimum 288 hours recording duration.
  • Accessing and copying recordings on the system.
  • Testing the system against current fluctuations.

Assessment of image quality in both day and night time conditions, using the test chart available on the last page of the ANZPAA Recommendations for CCTV Systems - please see link below.

Systems that meet some but not all of the required standards may be considered for approval in some circumstances. Devices approved in other WA states that do not meet all of the requirements of the standard may also be approved.

Opens in a new window ANZPAA: Resolution test chart for use with ISO Standard 12233

  Camera systems in country taxis and charter vehicles

Although the installation of TCSUs is not mandatory in Country Taxi-cars (taxis licensed under the Transport Co-ordination Act 1966) or Charter Vehicles (CVL) - operators can choose to voluntarily install them. In these instances the Department of Transport does not provide support to access recordings from the devices.

If you are considering installation of a device in your Taxi-car or CVL please note that:

  • Approved devices under the TCSU standard can be used in Taxi-cars and CVLs and offer a good base line standard for the type of device you should consider,
  • It is recommended that you:
    • Install signage to advise all passengers that they are being recorded, and
    • Ensure that you retain recordings that relate to any incidents in your vehicle.

  Approved camera suppliers and installers/repairers (approved devices)

A list of systems approved for use in taxis is provided below. Please contact the suppliers directly to enquire about availability and pricing.

List of approved suppliers and installers/repairers (approved devices)

Authorised installer/repairers Telephone Verifeye
Sigtec MK4
Black & White Cabs (WA) Pty Ltd (08) 9230 0440 Authorised Authorised Authorised Authorised - -
Combined Taxi Management (08) 9371 3229 - - Authorised - - -
DTI Group Ltd (08) 9479 1195 - Authorised - - - -
Gemini Accident Repair Centre (08) 9242 7377 - - - - Authorised -
Nova Communications (08) 9445 1555 Authorised Authorised Authorised Authorised - Authorised
Swan Taxis (08) 9422 2247 Authorised Authorised Authorised Authorised - -

Functionality differences (approved devices)

Devices approved under the Taxi Camera Surveillance Unit Standard 2017 have some different approved functionality compared to older systems. The following table summarises some key differences.

Functionality Verifeye
(Sigtec MK4)
External cameras Required Required Required Optional Optional Optional

  How to become an approved taxi camera installer

Only Taxi camera surveillance units (TCSU) installers approved by the Department of Transport are permitted to provide installation, maintenance, repair and removal of TCSUs in metropolitan taxis.

To become an approved TCSU installer, please read and complete the form below.

taxis_TCSU_InstallerAppForm.pdf icon Cameras: Taxi camera surveillance unit standard - Installer application form Kb

  Access to taxi camera surveillance footage

The Department of Transport performs taxi camera surveillance unit downloads either for WA Police, or to assist in the investigation of offences related to the administration of the Taxi Act 1994. If you have been involved in an incident related to a taxi you should report that incident to the WA Police or to the Department of Transport.

WA Police or the Department of Transport will review any incidents reported and will facilitate a download if required for the investigation.

For more information please contact On-demand Transport.

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