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The DoT continually strives to improve customer services through innovation. This page recognises the work achieved by the DoT to the benefit of Western Australians.

  Premier's Awards 2014

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The Premier's Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management recognise the wealth of innovative and creative projects being undertaken by the public sector in the delivery of better services to the Western Australian community.

The Awards focus on specific initiatives and are based on agencies demonstrating success against criteria.

The Department of Transport was recognised as a finalist in the Improving Government category for the following project.

Strategic expansion of alternative service delivery channels

Executive summary

With ever increasing demand for licensing services caused by growth in WA population and economy, Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) has developed an extensive strategy to engage private sector partners and expand its online services to deliver its business services.

The expansion of alternative service delivery channels ultimately offers customers greater choice, that is, a larger network where customers can conveniently complete a transaction and options closer to where they live or work, with added benefits of increased customer satisfaction and avoidance of increased capital investment to meet growth in population and customer demands.

Commensurate with the expansion of alternative service delivery networks, there has been a strong focus on compliance and Governance to ensure that services are delivered in accordance with the safety standards set by DVS. This strategy is has greatly enhanced accessibility and cost effectiveness of DVS services to the community.

This initiative aligns with DoT purpose of facilitating and providing safe, accessible, sustainable and efficient transport services and systems, promoting economic prosperity and enhancing the lifestyles of Western Australians.

DVS has expanded its service delivery network to address the increasing demand on services, reduce waiting times and provide the public with greater access to services beyond DVS Centres, through the following initiatives:

  • New metropolitan Authorised Inspection Stations: Appointment of new Authorised Inspection Stations throughout the metropolitan area, reducing customer waiting times for vehicle examinations.
  • Alternative Service Delivery Channels - Australia Post (AP): collaborative approach allowing AP to deliver full licensing services to a growing and diverse customer base.
  • Regional trial using partner services to deliver HR (Heavy Rigid) and HC (Heavy Combination) driving assessments: individuals seeking to acquire HR and HC licences in Bunbury/Busselton could choose between assessment with a partner provider or DoT assessor. The trial alleviated community concern about heavy vehicle traffic in the Bunbury/Busselton CBD, and created capacity for DoT assessors to provide more 'C' Class licence assessments.
  • Redesign of DOT Website incorporating self-service features:
    • Booking Practical Driving Test.
    • Demerit point, vehicle and driver licence check.
    • Licence alert.
    • Pay online.
    • Temporary Movement permits.
    • Ordering and paying for Custom Plates online.

To ensure safety standards are maintained, DVS developed a strong compliance strategy including audit of paperwork, and unscheduled physical audits of providers and through strong contractual and relationship management, removing providers that do not adhere to safety standards.

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