COVID-19: Updates on Department of Transport services

Learning to drive

Updates and advice for learner drivers and supervisors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learners and supervisors are encouraged to assess their need to continue practising at this time. We are currently prioritising Practical Driving Assessments (PDAs) for essential workers and rescheduling cancelled bookings. Read our frequently asked questions below for more about getting your learner's permit and learning to drive during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Frequently asked questions

Can I continue gaining supervised driving hours due to COVID-19 restrictions?

If you are learning, you're encouraged to gain experience in a variety of driving conditions within your region, with a supervisor that lives in your household and has held their licence for at least four years (i.e. mum or dad).

Learners taking professional lessons with an instructor can continue to do so.

While practising, learners and supervisors should make sure they comply with the WA restrictions in place to manage COVID-19 for their own and otherís health.

For the latest information and advice, including border restrictions, please visit WA Government's COVID-19 information hub.

Can I apply for a learner's permit online?

This option is not available. You will need to visit a Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre or regional agent with the required proof of identification documents to complete the steps to get your learner's permit.

We encourage only people who require a licence for essential work purposes (such as emergency services or freight tasks) to come into a centre to apply for their learner's permit or licence.

Can I sit a Computerised Theory Test?

Computerised Theory Tests (CTT) remain available but we encourage only people that require a learner's permit for essential purposes to apply.

You can continue to practise online with our road rules theory test quizzes so you are prepared to sit the CTT when we start business as usual operations.

Can I sit a Hazard Perception Test?

Hazard Perception Tests (HPT) remain available but we encourage only people who require a licence for essential work purposes (such as emergency services or freight tasks) to sit a HPT.

You continue to practise our HPT simulator (car and motorcycle) so you are prepared to pass when we start business as usual operations.

Is there a ban on supervised driving for learners?

There has been no direction to prohibit people from driving but you should consider whether it is essential to practise driving at this time.

Can I take a learner driver out for a lesson?

Yes, if the student is somebody who lives with you or is undertaking instruction from a professional driving instructor. You will not be permitted to cross regional boundaries. For more information on the travel restrictions, see the WA Governmentís advice on regional travel restrictions.

Iím a driving instructor, can I continue to give lessons?

Yes, you can continue to give professional driving lessons. The car is considered a workplace and learning to drive is education that cannot be done remotely.

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